TikTok star Daisy Keech reveals why she’s suing her Hype House friends

Daisy Keech/Hype House

Popular TikToker Daisy Keech has revealed why she has left the Hype House and why she is suing her fellow founders Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson, also known as Lil Huddy.

TikTok stars are rapidly taking over the internet with names such as Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae bringing many more eyes to the popular video-sharing app.

When TikTok was first starting to pick up steam, many of the platform’s top stars came together under one roof, starting a new collective known as the Hype House to produce more content and collaborations.

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Daisy Keech, Instagram
Daisy Keech opened up about the feud between her and fellow Hype House founders, Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou.

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Despite having a massive presence on the app and many of its members gaining tens of millions of followers, Daisy Keech, a founding member of the house, revealed that there was a feud going on behind the scenes and opened up about much of the drama in her YouTube video on March 28.

She claimed that, although she had invested a large sum to get a deposit down on the property, now known as the Hype House, and founded the collective alongside Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson, she was being left out of the decision making behind the collective’s opportunities such as brand deals and press events.

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The TikTok star also explained that she, along with other stars of the group, had no access to any of the Hype House’s social media channels and that she felt as if she was being manipulated for her audience of over 3 million followers.

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“We can’t ever have any group decisions, he somehow has authority over everything, he has that because he is the only one with access to all of the social media accounts and emails,” she added while discussing Thomas Petrou’s control over the group.

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She also claimed that Petrou would even turn down opportunities for other members of the house despite them wanting to take part in them, adding that he had said “It’s not your decision, I make all of the decisions around here,” during heated debates with other Hype House stars.

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She later revealed that after she had tried to confront him about the exclusion, he attempted to turn other members of the house against her and expressed that she felt “disrespected, degraded and used.”

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Daisy continued to reveal more about the dynamic of the Hype House and it was reported by Forbes, that she has now taken legal action against her former housemates, suing both Petrou and Hudson, for their acts in excluding her from the collective’s business decisions.

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