Thomas Petrou begs fans to stop showing up at the Hype House

Virginia Glaze

[jwplayer ksH6zuKH]Hype House co-founder Thomas Petrou is begging fans to stop showing up to the content group’s private home, claiming that over 100 people are visiting the location each day and disrupting the neighborhood.

Being an internet famous superstar is no cake-walk; plenty of top online entertainers have had their privacy breached in serious ways by over enthusiastic fans, and TikTokers are no exception to this unfortunate rule.

Thomas Petrou, co-founder of the Hype House of TikTok fame, is now begging fans to stop showing up to the locale after the address of the entertainment group has apparently been made common knowledge among viewers.

In a series of Instagram posts, Petrou revealed that over 100 visitors a day are showing up to the House, and is even looking to move as a result of their now-serious lack of personal privacy.

Thomas Petrou begs fans to stop showing up to the Hype House
Thomas Petrou revealed that over 100 fans are coming to the Hype House every day, and is worried that the breach of privacy could get the group evicted.

“Hi everyone,” Petrou began. “We love and appreciate all of you, but please stop coming to our home. We’re looking at moving once again due to a lack of privacy. We have over 100 people come to our house every day, and it’s going to get us evicted. Please stop.”

That’s not all; Petrou also uploaded a video of the situation, which showed a slew of young fans gathering outside the Hype House and mingling in the street.

“This is unreal,” he captioned the video. “Please respect us enough to not come to our home.”

This isn’t the first time that members of the Hype House have asked fans to keep their distance, either; TikTok star Nick Austin published a similar message to his Instagram nearly a month prior to Petrou’s own posts, admitting that they’d already moved previously due to fans flocking to their old address.

Nick Austen asks fans to stop showing up to the Hype House
Hype House member Nick Austin revealed that the group has already had to move house once due to their address leaking online.

The Hype House isn’t the only TikTok collaborative suffering from such a privacy breach, either, with Bryce Hall also admitting that the address of the Sway House had also been leaked at the beginning of July.

With major personalities like PewDiePie having his address leaked in the past, to Twitch stars like Sweet Anita even being stalked by a disturbed fan, these kinds of scenarios don’t seem to be slowing down soon — leading to an urgent conversation on the topics of personal privacy and small-time celebrity.