Bryce Hall confirms Sway House is moving after address leak

Andrew Amos
Sway House members

Sway House’s unofficial leader and TikTok star Bryce Hall has confirmed that their Los Angeles address has been leaked, and that the group will be moving elsewhere for privacy reasons.

The Sway House is one of TikTok’s biggest content creator groups. Led by Bryce Hall and his 10 million followers, they’ve been keeping fans entertained all through quarantine.

However, some of their loyal followers have been getting a bit too close and personal. According to Hall, the Sway House address has been leaked and spread far and wide, forcing the group’s hand. They’ll be moving out soon to a new location.

Sway House members
The Sway House is moving after their address was leaked, according to Bryce Hall.

Hall discussed with ET’s Katie Krause the ups and downs of being a social media star. He acknowledged that while he loves the spotlight and creating content, he sometimes feels like “a zoo animal” with fans watching his every move.

“I feel like a zoo animal sometimes, and being watched, and any little thing I do or say could be portrayed in a negative way. That sucks,” he said in a June 30 interview.

Hall added that it wasn’t just people watching his every action in public, or on social media. The Sway House address was “leaked” some time ago, and since then, people have been rocking up uninvited trying to interact with the stars.

“With the zoo animal thing ⁠— our address [at the Sway House] has leaked. There’s people looking through our windows, knocking on our doors.

“Love our fans, and love all the support that everyone gives. I’d love to take pictures outside at the mall or anywhere in public, but at our house is kind of excessive.”

The relevant topic begins at 15:25

This isn’t a new thing. Anthony Reeves, another member of the Sway House, has mentioned fans have been “invading” their privacy since May.

“I don’t wanna be a d**k but basically the only privacy we get is it at the house and it’s being taken away,” he tweeted. “Just walking up and trying to record the inside or record us in our house is also very weird. Please stop.”

To put all their fears to rest, the Sway House is moving. Hall confirmed that during his interview with ET, but didn’t say anything else on the matter ⁠— not when they’ll move, nor whether they’ll be staying in LA or moving elsewhere.

However, fans will probably be able to spot it when their videos all of a sudden take place in a new location. Hall, and the other members, have asked fans to respect their privacy when they move though, and they’ll be doing their best to keep their new address under wraps.

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