Lil Huddy, Thomas Petrou & more sued for $300,000 by Hype House landlord

Chase Hudson next to Thomas PetrouInstagram: petroutv / lilhuddy

Hype House co-founders Chase ‘Lil Huddy’ Hudson and Thomas Petrou alongside three others are being sued for $300,000 in damages to the iconic mansion by their former landlord.

Formed in 2019, TikTok’s Hype House has helped boost the popularity of some of the most iconic short-form video creators including Vinnie Hacker, Chase Hudson, Bryce Hall, and more.

Over the years, members of the house collaborated with each other on videos and threw parties at their iconic influencer mansion

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They’ve since left their original mansion, and now former landlord Danny Fitzgerald is suing them for $300,000 worth of damages to the property.

An image of the netflix show Hype House.Instagram: thehypehousela, Netflix

Hype House members sued for damages

Among those listed in the legal documents obtained by TMZ is Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Mia Hayward, Calvin Goldby, Patrick Huston, and Nicholas Austin.

According to the lawsuit, Daniel Fitzgerald says that the iconic TikTok influencer crew moved out of his property five months before their lease ended in 2021.

The landlord says the group had caused more than $300k in damage to the mansion and was able to get them to agree to pay $10,000 a month for 40 months.

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However, he claims the group has only been paying him $2,500 a month and is now suing to get the remaining balance paid in full.

None of the defendants listed in the lawsuit have made comments about the situation at the time of writing, but we’ll be sure to update you if they do.

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