Bryce Hall confirms he and Addison Rae are “testing the waters”

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae look at the cameraBryce Hall, YouTube / Addison Rae, Instagram

TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have been a popular item among fans for quite some time, but they’ve confirmed the details of their suspected romance — until Bryce Hall finally spilled the beans about it on FaZe Banks’ podcast.

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are two of TikTok’s most popular creators, and they seemingly began an unofficial romance in Fall 2019 after appearing in each other’s videos with some regularity.

That’s not all; Hall even referred to Rae multiple times in his written social media posts, further fueling the fire of fan speculation that the two were secretly dating. However, Addison herself put a stop to the rumors in an interview with YouTuber Jeff Wittek in June 2020, flatly claiming, “I am single.”

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Despite her claims, the two have been spotted out several times since then on what appear to be dates (and have even begun making TikToks together again), once again leading fans to ask their ever-burning question: Are you two dating, or what?


Hall finally addressed the rumors in a July 22 episode of the Mom’s Basement podcast with FaZe Banks and KEEMSTAR, where the Drama Alert host pointedly asked the TikToker who he was currently seeing.

“I’m not dating anybody,” Hall began. “I’m like single, but… You just want me to say it. I’m seeing Addison — I’m not like old me, where I was just going around. I settled down a little bit. A lot a bit.”

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“We’re testing the waters. We were kind of a thing, back in November. We were busy — super busy. And then quarantine happened. Less busy. That’s all. …It’s hard to find somebody out in LA, especially.”

(Topic begins at 53:34)


While Hall’s answer is certainly confusing (and ultimately leaves us with more questions than answers), it does confirm that he and Rae are an item — of sorts.

Although it looks like the two aren’t capital O official just yet, they’re definitely involved with each other, marking good news for the Braddison shippers who’d predicted this romance all along (not that it was incredibly hard to see, in the first place).

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