Former Hype House members make new ‘Revenge House’ amid lawsuit drama

Former Hype House members create rvnge

Former members of the TikTok-famous ‘Hype House’ have banded together to make a new group called ‘Revenge House’ amid news that HH is embroiled in a lawsuit.

The Hype House was one of the most famous content houses on social media at one point — but time has withered the former TikTok giant into a shadow of its former self.

Known for birthing stars like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, the Hype House descended into chaos after its beef with the Sway House during Charli’s breakup from Lil Huddy in 2020 (not to mention a lawsuit from former member Daisy Keech).

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Since then, many of its starring members have flown the coop, prompting founder Thomas Petrou to fill its ranks with new influencers.

Hype House getting Netflix reality showTwitter: Netflix
Hype House members got their own Netflix show in 2022, but it was met with mixed reviews.

For a while, all was quiet as Hype House aimed to continue to make content — but the group came under fire after news broke that they are being sued by a landlord for destruction of property in mid-January.

The landlord alleged that certain Hype House members, including Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Mia Hayward, Calvin Goldby, Patrick Huston, and Nicholas Austin, caused $300,000 in damages and even left the residence five months before their lease ended back in 2021.

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Now, there’s even more drama for Hype House after a few former members not named in the lawsuit got together to create a new content house to directly compete with HH.

Dubbed the ‘Revenge House,‘ this new group has two homes in Texas — one in Dallas and another in Houston.

Who is in Revenge House?

Thus far, the Revenge House members are as follows:

Dallas Revenge House Members

  • Ace Akers
  • Bryce Parker
  • Kristian Ramey
  • Jarrett Chambers

Houston Revenge House Members

  • Bianca Rowinski
  • James McCartney
  • Kyle Colver (coming soon)
  • Jake Donlan
  • Noony
  • James Serbov (coming soon)
  • Jackson Donsky

The official Revenge House website even has an advertisement for influencers looking to join the group, but requirements to take part are still publicly unknown.

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For now, little information is available about the ‘Revenge House,’ and other Hype House alums have yet to speak out on the subject at the time of writing – but we’ll keep you updated on all the drama right here at Dexerto.