IShowSpeed shows off massive $10 million mansion

ishowspeed-10M-mansion-house-tourYouTube: Live Speedy

YouTube star IShowSpeed wowed fans after showing off his new $10 million home, joining the echelon of other content creators who have purchased their own massive mansions.

IShowSpeed is one of the most popular streamers on the net. After getting handed a permanent ban from Twitch in December 2021, Speed made a home for himself on YouTube, where he’s been broadcasting ever since.

In the years following his now-reversed Twitch ban, Speed has become one of the most-viewed streamers on YouTube. Thanks to his over-the-top stunts and larger-than-life personality, he’s raking in the followers and the dough.

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In fact, Speed got to show off the fruits of his labor on November 16, when he gave fans a tour of his new mansion — a home worth millions of dollars.

IShowSpeed apologizes to fans after crypto scam accusationsYouTube: IShowSpeed
IShowSpeed is one of the most prominent streamers on the net.

IShowSpeed flexes new $10 million mansion

First, Speed showed off his spacious bedroom, complete with two massive walk-in closets that hadn’t yet been filled up, as he’s still moving in.

Then, he took fans into his bathroom. The room was equally spacious, with a tub on one side and a shower on the other, both connected by the same wall.

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The living room was just as impressive, boasting a spiral staircase, a huge living space, a wine cellar, and even an office tucked away in the back corner.

Of course, Speed’s house wouldn’t be complete without its own gym — nor its own pool, which he jumped into with a backflip at his fans’ request.

According to Speed, the home is worth $10 million. Fans are giving Speed their congrats in the wake of this latest massive achievement for the streamer.

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Speed is far from the only content creator who could get his own episode of MTV Cribs, though. Recently, Jake Paul took fans on a tour of his $16M mansion in Puerto Rico — which happens to be right next door to his big bro’s house, who coincidentally bought a 66 million-year-old triceratops skull because, you know, why not.

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