The Miz breaks character for honest verdict on Jake Paul being WWE superstar

jake paul in wwe with logan paulWWE

Former WWE champion The Miz has given his verdict on if Jake Paul can be a star in the world’s biggest wrestling promotion just like his brother Logan Paul.

Logan Paul took the WWE universe by storm at Summer Slam when he defeated The Miz in a very entertaining match, prompting many to wonder if Jake would make his own debut in the ring.

The influencer-turned-boxer-turned-wrestler then battled Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel. The match saw the debut of Jake Paul, who hit the ring and performed some KO shots to help his brother out.

With both Pauls now a part of the WWE, The Miz has given his opinion on if Jake has what it takes to hang with his brother and make a name for himself.

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oliver tree getting kicked by jake paulWWE
Logan Paul has made a name for himself in the WWE already.

The Miz reveals if Jake Paul could form WWE tagteam with Logan

Speaking with TMZ, The Miz was asked if Jake and Logan could form a formidable tag team duo. He explained that, while he’s never really met the younger Paul, Logan has shown that it’s possible.

“With Logan, training Logan and seeing what Logan can do, if [Jake] has the heart, the dedication and the mind to step in and do what Logan did to get to where he is, then the sky’s the limit,” the WWE star said.

According to The Miz, Logan was the fastest person that he’s ever trained to just “get it,” and praised the influencer for his incredible performance.

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“If Jake can do the same, then that’s a pretty good tag team,” he added. “It takes time to develop. It takes time to get used to everything of what WWE is inside the ring, with all the fanfare and everything. I think they’re used to that entertainment aspect.”

While Jake’s passion is boxing at the moment, The Miz is confident that he could be a star if he devotes time to the craft. However, with the boxer eyeing matches against Tommy Fury and Andrew Tate, it might take some time to get him back in the WWE.

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Logan, meanwhile, is recovering from injuries he suffered at Crown Jewel, but hopefuly we can see him back in time for a WrestleMania bout and potentially even face off against John Cena – a match he says will “break the internet.”