Logan Paul reveals he suffered serious knee injury in WWE Universal match vs Roman Reigns

logan paul injury

Logan Paul put on quite the performance against Roman Reigns in the WWE Universal Championship match in Saudi Arabia, and in addition to his loss, he walked away from the fight with serious injuries.

On November 5, WWE’s current Universal Champion Roman Reigns stepped into the ring to defend his title against newcomer Logan Paul. Despite it only being his third fight, Paul somehow managed to land a headline fight during the Crown Jewel wrestling event.

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The fight was one for the ages, filled with high-flying stunts, some incredible WWE firsts, and even the wrestling debut of his younger brother, Jake Paul. But despite his best efforts, and the impeccable performance from Jake, Logan was defeated by Roman Reigns.

But the loss may have come prematurely as Logan has provided a behind-the-scenes look at his injuries from the match. If it had not been for these serious wounds, maybe the match would have gone differently.

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Logan Paul reports serious injuries after WWE Championship bout

A day after the fight, Logan Paul posted a photo of himself to Twitter. His leg was wrapped in ice and propped up on a bag, letting fans know he was injured before ever reading the caption.

“Torn meniscus, MCL & potentially ACL,” Paul reported. “Happened halfway through the match. keep y’all updated.”

For spectators, it isn’t hard to believe that Paul suffered these injuries. He dove off the top rope onto his opponent multiple times throughout the match, and at one point he even dove through the announcer’s table.

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While wrestling is often called out for being “fake” and punches/kicks are visibly missed on purpose, Logan’s injuries prove this form of entertainment can be dangerous. His loss may have been decided before the match even began, but the injuries to his leg weren’t in the plans.

However, he seems to be taking things like a champ – despite losing the actual title. His big grin and thumbs-up reassure fans that he will be back in action in no time.

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