The D’Amelio Show renewed for third season despite abysmal reviews

D'Amelio show renewed for third season in spite of negative reviews 1YouTube: Hulu

The D’Amelio Show is returning to Hulu for a third season in spite of low reviews as the internet famous family continues to branch out from TikTok.

The D’Amelio Show first premiered on streaming service Hulu in 2021 and followed the journey of Charli, Dixie, and their parents as they navigated the hurdles that arose from online stardom.

The show was met with mixed reviews as critics blasted the series for trying to make the sisters seem “relatable” despite their fame and fortune, while fans praised it for giving them an inside look into the lives of their favorite TikTokers.

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It does, indeed, offer a closer look into what it’s like being in the limelight all the time — Charli and Dixie notably broke down during the first season after being met with “constant” hate from trolls in a segment that sparked a heated debate online.

The show was renewed for a second season in 2022, which featured Dixie’s viral breakup with her ex-boyfriend, fellow influencer Noah Beck, as well as Charli’s musical debut (which was, conversely, met with mostly positive reactions).

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That being said, the D’Amelio show has received fairly critical reviews overall, being given a 2.6 on IMDB and a 47% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics both panned and praised the series, while casual viewers calling it the “absolute worst” show they’d ever watched (as well as telling the sisters they “shouldn’t have [their] own reality show.”

The D’Amelio Show gets Season 3 on Hulu

Despite the mixed reviews, The D’Amelio Show is getting a third season, which is set to stream on Hulu once again.

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Thus far, a release date has not been given, but it’s likely that fans will be able to watch the series sometime in mid 2023, if the show’s previous schedule is anything to go by.

With both sisters focusing on their careers outside of social media, it will be interesting to see what direction the D’Amelio show takes from here — as well as how fans and critics will react to their changes.