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Sykkuno explains why he could never have a ‘roleplay relationship’ in GTA RP

Published: 21/Apr/2021 17:40 Updated: 8/Oct/2021 5:15

by Daniel Megarry


Twitch star Sykkuno may be making waves in GTA RP, but there’s one thing he’s adamant that he won’t ever do in the game: have a ‘roleplay relationship’.

Despite being released almost a decade ago, GTA V’s multiplayer counterpart GTA Online continues to be one of the most played games around. It’s had a real boost in popularity lately thanks to stars like xQc and summit1g taking part in GTA RP.

GTA RP is a multiplayer mod for the PC version of GTA V that allows players to enter user-created roleplay servers (like the popular NoPixel server) as a customizable NPC to do everything from robbing banks to flipping burgers.


While he initially refused to join the hype, Sykkuno is now one of the most well-known streamers who’ve taken part in GTA RP, causing chaos in the process. But he’s revealed that one thing he would never do in GTA RP is enter into a ‘roleplay relationship’.

Twitch: Sykkuno
Sykkuno alongside his character in GTA RP.

Why Sykkuno won’t have a roleplay relationship in GTA RP

In a recent stream on Twitch, Sykkuno explained why the idea of being in a roleplay relationship isn’t something he likes the sound of.

“For me personally, I don’t think I could have a roleplay relationship,” he said. “And this is coming from a dude who’s like taking hostages, robbing banks, threatening to shoot people, and it’s like, ‘Oh yeah I can do that’, but then when it comes to this… I can’t do it.”


Sykkuno was quick to clarify that he doesn’t have a problem with other people taking part in ‘roleplay relationships’ through GTA RP, but it’s something that would feel “weird” for him to pursue personally.

“I’m not saying anything is wrong with it, because obviously, it’s roleplay, right? I’m robbing banks and people are getting shot, you know? It’s all just role-play. But I don’t know, for some reason that just feels weird for me. I have no clue.”

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Sykkuno may not have been playing GTA RP for long, but he certainly wasn’t lying when he said he has no problem causing chaos in the game with bank heists and hostage situations.


The popular streamer has gotten a reputation for constantly punching people in the face in the game, and has even teamed up with Pokimane for a hilarious police chase.