Streamer freaks out after T-Pain praises his song on Twitch

Twitch: TPAIN, Chaddyw1ck

A hopeful music artist went bonkers after T-Pain jammed out to his song during a live Twitch stream, using some hilarious memes to show his approval.

T-Pain has become a major presence streaming on Twitch. The rapper and producer often plays games with other top broadcasters, creates beats live, and even reacts to fans’ recommendations for new music — as well as submissions of their own songs.

In the past, T-Pain’s stream has blown up smaller artists, including one woman who posted her shocked reaction to TikTok after her song was broadcasted to his audience of 759,000 viewers.

One upcoming artist had a similar experience after T-Pain decided to rate his song during an October 10 live stream.

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T-Pain Roasts Twitch HaterInstagram: T-Pain
T-Pain is all about shouting out small artists on his Twitch stream.

Twitch streamer ‘Chaddyw1ck’ was sitting on the edge of his seat, finally realizing his dream of T-Pain rating his music, hands covering his mouth in total disbelief as the star began to bump the tune over his speakers.

At first, the rapper appeared to be nonplussed by the artists’ vocals set over a fairly normal beat and some saxophone improvisations — but when the bass dropped, it was clear that he was pleasantly surprised.

However, rather than opening his mouth to make comments, T-Pain used a selection of finely-aged memes to represent his feelings on the tune; more specifically, the infamous Russian kid dancing in a nightclub and that one SpongeBob episode with the Jellyfish jam.

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(You can check out Chaddyw1ck’s song below.)

It was a humorous reaction that had Chaddyw1ck completely over the moon. He leapt out of his chair in excitement before running back to his stream, admitting that he was “gonna cry” over the whole ordeal.

“I can’t even f**king believe this!” he said through tears before T-Pain asked, “Who submitted this s**t?”

“This is my third song ever, and I’m crying!” Chaddyw1ck continued. “I’m crying!”

That’s not all; T-Pain later said that he and the artist “had some s**t to talk about,” leaving the streamer elated at the possibility of future opportunities.

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We wish Chaddyw1ck all the best in his future endeavors after this heartwarming moment that brought his music into the limelight.