Ninja makes T-Pain die from laughter after kicking his own wife out of multiplayer game

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Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and his wife Jessica are used to playing video games together, but during a stream featuring rapper T-Pain and fellow Nappy Boy Gaming member BigCheeseKIT, things went to another level. 

You may know T-Pain for his music, or you may know T-Pain strictly as a gamer and Twitch streamer. Either way, you’re well aware of his high-quality production value and hilarious takes on various topics during his broadcasts.

In a September 7 Twitch stream with Ninja and his wife, the rapper brought over Nappy Boy Gaming member BigCheeseKIT to challenge the couple to a few games of Overcooked! 2.

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Later in the stream, Tyler ‘rage quit’ a match – and his wife wasn’t very happy.

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Rapper T-Pain created Nappy Boy Gaming, a spinoff from his entertainment company.

Ninja rage quits and makes T-Pain fall off his chair

During T-Pain’s stream, you could hear Ninja telling his wife what she needed to do. The game is a co-op cooking game with wacky, self-sabotaging levels.

“Hold A to clean the dishes! HOLD THE BUTTON DOWN AND CLEAN THEM!” Ninja yelled, right before he decided to close out of the match and forfeit the game.

“Removed by the host? Was that you, Tyler? You f***ing removed me from the game?” Jessica said, humorously annoyed that her husband would do such a thing.

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While Ninja continued to give reasons for why he would do such a thing, T-Pain and BigCheese were absolutely dying from laughter on their stream.

From the Blevins’ side of the broadcast, you can see an apparently frustrated Ninja quickly exit out of the game and start laughing while his wife confronted him.

“I think the game just heard me scream and kicked everyone out,” the streamer stated, while his wife explains that they would have won if he hadn’t quit.

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(check out 9:11:40 in the VOD below)

While dealing with a quick outage on Steam, you can hear everyone talk about having a playthrough “next week.”

We hope to see more hilarious content from the group sooner than later.

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