TikToker goes viral after T-Pain reacted to her song and absolutely loved it

T-Pain Reagan CapaciInstagram: T-Pain, Reagan Capaci

Artist Reagan Capaci is going viral on TikTok after rapper T-Pain listened to her song on stream, giving it high praise. Capaci posted the video to her TikTok with her reaction where it quickly went viral.

The TikTok, posted to Capaci’s TikTok account with over 200,000 followers, has gone viral. The video has over 7.5 million views and 1.6 million likes.

Capaci’s TikTok features a video of the musician at work and is captioned, “when you’re at work and you find T-Pain listened to your song”.

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We then switch to T-Pain during a Twitch live stream where he listens to the song and is amazed by the quality of the track. T-Pain’s first reaction is to go “ooh” as Reagan’s voice comes in before asking to roll things back.

T-Pain, otherwise known as Faheem Rasheed Najm, said that Capaci “has a dope voice” and asked, “is this b*tch popular already?” Najm was clearly impressed and asked his producer Benny to “find this chick”. He then adds “she’s not going to be hard to find” and tweeted her.

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The video ends with T-Pain saying it was “lit bro.”

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Capaci has a small presence on Instagram and YouTube with just over 15,000 and under 3,000 on each respective platform. However, on TikTok, she posts regularly and has a sizeable following of 200,000.

She’s posted videos promoting her music as well as doing viral TikTok challenges such as the PhotoCrop challenge. She’s since posted a cover video on her YouTube for the song ‘Don’t Recommend’ that T-Pain shouted out in his Twitch stream.

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It’s unknown whether the pair will collaborate at this point, though Capaci has been using the recent attention promoting the song more on her TikTok.

In one video, Capaci showed that T-Pain was now following her on TikTok, so only time will tell if we’ll be getting a collab out of this one.

However, as the comments on Capaci’s videos go to show, T-Pain’s shoutout has clearly got people listening to her music with loads of comments below videos saying they have saved it. The song has over 300,000 listens on Spotify.

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