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TikTok goes crazy over new ‘couch guy’ in “cursed” Mike birthday video

Published: 11/Oct/2021 22:16

by Theo Salaun


Wake up babe, new TikTok couch guy just dropped. After weeks dissecting an awkward relationship, the social media platform has honed in on a viral “Mike” birthday video with similarly uncomfortable body language.

If you don’t know the TikTok ‘couch guy’ situation, then your algorithm must be pretty unique (or you must not use the app). But basically, a girl posted a video surprising her boyfriend and, millions of views later, everyone was convinced there was foul play at hand.

Couch guy, as he’s (not-so-lovably) called, didn’t seem too excited to see his girlfriend on a surprise visit. After questions about the girls he was sitting with and his lack of delight, he responded to backlash and so has the girlfriend in question


But the news cycle continues and another, oddly similar situation has appeared. A user named ‘sydniarnett’ shared a video surprising her boyfriend, Michael, with a “Mike” party. And his lack of enthusiasm has thousands convinced that we’re witnessing another ‘couch guy.’

TikTok’s surprise “Mike” birthday guy

@sydniarnettMike themed surprise 30th #NissanShowUp #SoFiMoneyMoves #surprise #thirty #birthday♬ still falling for you – audiobear

As you can see in the video, Sydni came into this with high hopes: “I threw my boyfriend, Michael, a “Mike” themed surprise 30th.” And, on the flip side, Michael comes into said party with… low energy.

Set to Ellie Goulding’s “Still Falling for You” (just like the couch guy video), a romantic scene seems betrayed by Michael’s energy. He walks in, hands in pocket, drinking casually, and gives an excited Syndi a half hug with a nonchalant smile.


TikTok, now known for random bouts of behavioral psychology, was immediately concerned.

Is “Mike” the new ‘couch guy’?

tiktok mike birthday guy viral video comments 1 tiktok mike birthday guy viral video comments 2

In the replies, you see a lot of comments drawing the parallel to couch guy. A bunch call him “new couch guy” and someone even said they’re “convinced this song is cursed.” Based on the energy in the video, another dove into Michael’s mindset: “I was gonna break up with her this week and now I can’t.”

But, much like the ‘couch guy’ situation, Sydni has downplayed the concerns. She even went ahead and shared a video of their PDA (public displays of attention). This should support the replies who think Michael was simply nervous, but who knows.


The one thing we do know is that if you post about your relationship on TikTok, prepare for some scrutiny.