SteveWillDoIt finally ends David Dobrik beef by offering YouTuber an insane gift

SteveWillDoIt finally ends David Dobrik beef by offering YouTuber an insane giftYouTube: SteveWillDoIt

Steve ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Deleonardis finally ended his long-standing feud with ‘ex-arch enemy’ David Dobrik by surprising him with an extravagant gift – a Tesla Model Y to accompany his Model X.

SteveWillDoIt is arguably the most popular member of the NELK Boys due to his wild side and insane stories. He’s become the face of their brand and has amassed more than four million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

In July 2021, he claimed to have lost lots of money to a hacker who gained entry into his cryptocurrency wallet. However, that didn’t stop him from giving a generous gift to the soldier who killed Osama Bin Laden.

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Now, he’s done it again, and this time, he did it with the one person nobody ever thought he would – David Dobrik. In March 2021, Steve called him a “c*nt b*tch” and a “pussy” for doing “sponsored” giveaways.

Some fans brushed it off as a joke. However, others were less impressed.

Either way, he finally wants to let bygones be bygones. So, in a bid to squash their ‘beef,’ he offered Dobrik a new Tesla Model Y to add to his collection.

“I kind of wanted to squash the beef because there’s actually no beef,” he said after meeting face-to-face. “The only interaction I ever had with [you] was actually a very pleasant one. I don’t want my fans to actually be mean to you.”

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“I appreciate that. The beef is squashed,” replied David.

They more or less confirmed the feud between them wasn’t real. However, Steve admitted he “felt bad” about the whole thing. “I just want to say I’m sorry because I always talk sh*t about you for no reason,” he said.

“I want to give you something because I know you give a bunch of things to people,” he added, referring to Dobrik’s philanthropic giveaways in the past. Dobrik assured him it wasn’t necessary but was “excited” to see what it was.

Steve escorted him to the driveway and revealed it was none other than brand new Tesla Model Y. “That’s the Model Y,” he said. “You’ve got the Model X. You’ve got the Model 3. Now I want you to have a Model Y.”

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Dobrik was ecstatic and appreciative. “It’s crazy being on the other side [of an extravagant giveaway],” he laughed. “I’m so glad you’ve been making fun of me for the past couple of months because now I’ve got a brand new car.”

The two of them hugged it out, and agreed to keep the banter going in a light-hearted way. However, the ‘beef’ between them is now done and dusted.