SteveWillDoIt reveals hacker stole his crypto wallet: “I lost a lot of money”

SteveWillDoIt reveals crypto hacker stole his entire Blockfolio walletYouTube: SteveWillDoIt

Nelk Boys member Stephen ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Deleonardis revealed that a hacker stole “a lot of money” from his cryptocurrency wallet and shut down claims that he’s lying about it to sell merch.

Cryptocurrencies have been all the rage for a while now. Like the stock market, you can make a lot of money with a good amount of research and a bit of luck. But at the same time, you can lose it all if the market dips and crashes.

Bitcoin is the oldest, most popular, and most valuable cryptocurrency.

SteveWillDoIt had a lot, but it appears to be all gone, with the star claiming a hacker gained access to his cryptocurrency wallet and seized the account.

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SteveWillDoitYouTube: SteveWillDoIt
SteveWillDoIt is a member of the Nelk Boys.

“I got an email on my phone [saying] someone was in my blockchain, my crypto wallet. You guys know I’m into Bitcoin,” he said. “I got hacked. I just lost a weird amount of money, and it doesn’t feel good. It’s a weird thing.

“Some nerd hacker took a lot of money, and I’ll be honest with you, it’s not looking so good right now. I don’t know what’s going to happen. We still are going to sell merch. But now I need your support more than ever.”

Related segment begins at 3:46 in video below.

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However, some fans thought the timing was suspicious and accused him of making up the story in a bid to sell merch. He shut down those claims during an Instagram story, saying, “If you think I need to make up lies right now when I’m the biggest that I’ve ever been to sell merch, then you’re a f**king idiot.”

“All I know today was that I got an email. Someone has my email and password to my blockchain. I can’t log in. I can’t reset my password. I don’t have access to the funds. My email is no longer attached to that wallet.

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“I’m assuming I got hacked… so, if you think I’m lying, f**k you.”

The Nelk Boys reportedly make $70 million a year from selling merchandise, which supports the notion that SteveWillDoIt doesn’t need to come up with disingenuous tactics to sell more. However, some fans still aren’t convinced that he’s telling the truth about the hacker.
But assuming he is, it sounds like he’s lost a lot of money and has a very serious issue on his hands. Considering one Bitcoin is worth almost $40,000, he could be down hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.