Rapper Tekashi69 changes his opinion of David Dobrik after first official meetup

. 9 months ago
tekashi69 and david dobrik
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Rapper Daniel Hernandez, also known as Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine, recently went on record insulting David Dobrik during a vlog with SteveWillDoIt. However, after officially meeting the YouTuber, it seems as his opinion has changed. 

Tekashi69 has had his fair share of trouble over the last few years, which has led him to serve time in prison for crimes he committed while in a gang. Since his release earlier this year, he’s continued to be a source of controversy.

In an August vlog with the Nelk boy’s resident philanthropist Stevewilldoit, 6ix9ine can be heard insulting Dobrik. However, after meeting up with David on an episode of “Life of Bradley Martyn,” it seems as the rapper has changed his opinion.

stevewilldoit gets rare mclaren from 6ix9ine
YouTube: SteveWillDoIt
6ix9ine has appeared in quite a few vlogs with Nelk Boy’s SteveWillDoit

6ix9ine meets David Dobrik

Uploaded September 29, Bradley Martyn met up with SteveWillDoIt and Hernandez right before they went over to David Dobrik’s house for a meet-up. After taking a tour of the house—including testing out the creator’s outrageous fruit punch fountain—the crew went back outside.

While outside, the group of creators talked about past comments they’d made towards each other, with David explaining that he knew Steve’s comments about him were a joke the entire time, and they both apologized.

As everyone went to leave the meet-up, Martyn approached Hernandez and asksed what his thoughts were about the YouTube philanthropist.

“We cool with him, I really didn’t know who he was and we found out his middle name was Julian,” the rapper admitted, which is a complete change of opinion from when he insulted Dobrik.

This isn’t the first time Dobrik has had troubles recently, as he was just stranded in Slovakia with green card issues, and more abuse allegations regarding the vlog squad are coming to light.

Even though 6ix9ine has a newfound opinion of the YouTube philanthropist, it’s unknown if we’ll see a meet-up like this again, since it’s still unclear how everyone really feels about each other behind the scenes.

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