David Dobrik reveals “exciting” backup plan if he got stuck in Europe

David dobrik excited about being stuck in EuropeYouTube: The Hollywood Fix

YouTube star David Dobrik recently got stranded in Slovakia during his very first trip abroad since immigrating to America — but he had a backup plan in case he was stuck in Europe for good.

David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s more notable content creators. Best known for his chaotic, high-energy vlogs, Dobrik has amassed a hefty following of 18.3 million subscribers — an amount that dwindled during his recent scandals.

That being said, amid his grand return to content creation, Dobrik was finally granted documentation of his citizenship and permitted to leave the United States.

Dobrik immigrated to the country at six years old, and was protected under DACA. Should he have left without a green card, though, he wouldn’t have been allowed back inside U.S. borders for ten years. Now, he’s finally got his documents, and flew out to Europe with friends in celebration.

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Unfortunately for the YouTuber, he ended up being stranded in Slovakia for some time after his friends were allowed to leave. Thankfully, he was able to make it back stateside a short while later — a kerfuffle he explained to paparazzi just four hours after landing in Los Angeles.

David Dobrik explains why he was stranded in Slovakia

“I went over to interview for my Visa and my green card,” he explained to a photographer standing outside of a nightclub. “Which I was super, super excited about doing. When I leave to go interview, I’m taking the risk of, if the interview doesn’t go well, I can’t come back in.”

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“I was missing some documents, so it took me a little longer, so I was scared I was gonna have to stay in Slovakia,” he continued. “But I’m back now, which I’m super stoked about!”

David Dobrik selfie Vlog SquadYouTube: David Dobrik
David Dobrik managed to get out of Europe – but he wasn’t fazed about the prospect of being stuck there indefinitely.

David Dobrik claims he was “excited” by prospect of staying in Europe

Despite the circumstances of his delay in Slovakia, Dobrik admitted that he was actually excited about potentially being barred from re-entering America, should such a thing have actually occurred.

“I’d move to Paris,” he answered when the paps asked him what he would do if he were stranded indefinitely.

“There was a very small chance I was gonna be stuck,” he said. “I was actually kind of excited about it, because I was like, this is gonna be a new chapter in my life. I’m gonna move, I’m gonna learn French. I don’t know, I fell in love with it.”

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For now, it looks like Dobrik’s Parisian dreams are on hold… but there’s no telling what the future will bring him and his travels once the global health situation settles down.