NELK Boys’ SteveWillDoIt reveals how he nearly died during “insane” acid trip

YouTube: Full Send Podcast

NELK Boys’ SteveWillDoIt has opened up about a near-death experience he had while on an acid trip, admitting that his “life flashed before his eyes.”

Steve has always been someone that lives life in the fast lane — his alias SteveWillDoIt makes that clear — and his YouTube videos often involve a lot of partying and wild scenes, sometimes referring to himself as “the cool MrBeast.”

While he’s someone that takes pride in his alcohol tolerance and enjoys more than his fair share of the fun, it’s not always gone well for him.

During a Full Send podcast with the other NELK boys, Steve opened up on how he nearly died during a particularly eventful night.

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Steve and Kyle have helped propel NELK to new heights.

After discussing some of the parties they’ve been to and the weird things they’ve experienced, NELK founder Kyle Forgeard brought up Steve’s past with harder drugs, to which he responded with his particularly haunting story.

Detailing that he’d once taken what essentially equated to four “servings” of acid, Steve explained that it almost ended in disaster. “I jumped in a river to get away from these chicks, because when you take psychedelic drugs like that, you can’t be around dumb girls.”

He continued: “I was swimming, and then I got paralyzed in the water… I couldn’t move, and I was starting to go down, and I was just screaming ‘I don’t want to die.’ I don’t know if it was the acid or this just happens before you die, but I saw my entire life flash before my eyes.”

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Adding that he “just kept thinking about” how he was going to be on the news, the moment was clearly one that had a huge impact on Steve.

That said, he admitted that his body found a surge of energy to “start working again” and he went straight to the gym, prompting laughs from the rest of the podcast.

Needless to say, Steve really has seen and done a lot, but fortunately, he’s still here to share the stories.