Vitaly responds after NELK Boys’ SteveWillDoIt challenges him to boxing match

YouTube: SteveWillDoIt, VitalyzdTv

A huge influencer boxing match could be in the works very soon between YouTube stars SteveWillDoIt and Vitaly — and the internet can’t wait for them to throw down.

The age of influencer boxing has produced a slew of high-profile bouts between some of social media’s biggest stars.

Kicking off with Joe Weller vs KSI in 2018, names like the Paul brothers and Bryce Hall have brought the trend to new heights… and more internet celebs are looking to get in on the profitable gag.

In wake of Logan Paul’s highly-anticipated bout with Floyd Mayweather and the YouTubers vs TikTokers event this past weekend, it seems that social media is rife with influencers calling each other out — and far be it from the NELK Boys to buck the trend.

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SteveWillDoitYouTube: SteveWillDoIt
SteveWillDoIt of NELK Boys fame has challenged Vitaly to a fight – and it seems that his potential opponent has accepted.

SteveWillDoIt, a popular (and incredibly charitable) YouTuber in league with the infamous group of internet pranksters known as the NELK Boys, called out fellow YouTuber Vitaly ‘VitalyzdTv’ Zdorovetskiy in a recent video (although, admittedly, there was no beef behind his callout).

After asking his buddies who he should challenge, he settled on Vitaly… and it looks like the veteran content creator — also known for his own ridiculous pranks that have landed him in a “horrible” Egyptian jail — has accepted.

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Apparently a man of few words in this regard, Vitaly responded to a fan’s tweet discussing the possible fight with a short, but sweet: “I can’t wait.”

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This has already sparked a tsunami of excitement among their fans, who can’t wait to see two of YouTube’s biggest pranksters throw down in the boxing ring.

This latest potential matchup comes in wake of TikToker Mads Lewis entertaining a bout with rival Nessa Barrett, as well as names like RiceGum and iDubbz apparently gearing up for an official match sometime in the future.

For now, it looks like everyone’s caught the boxing bug — but it remains to be seen if Vitaly and Steve will actually go through with their proposition.