Snoop Dogg shows off ridiculous Xbox Series X refrigerator and bling

Theo Salaun

Microsoft has gifted Snoop Dogg an absurd Xbox Series X fridge, filled with customized bling, gin and juice, a lot of eggs, and, to top it all off, a custom Xbox cake with a message for their “Xbox OG.”

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Calvin ‘Snoop Dogg’ Broadus is a cultural icon for his work in the music industry, but also an avid football fan and gamer. Seen playing Madden 21 (on Xbox, of course) against Dr Disrespect recently, Microsoft seems to have decided it’s time to up the ante for their longtime supporter just days after his birthday.

On the same day that Sony announced a new PlayStation strategic creative partnership with Travis Scott, Snoop released a video in which he showed what kind of goods Microsoft has hooked him up with. 

He records a massive greenscreen-filled room with a novelty centerpiece: a gigantic Xbox Series X, logo lit on the top-left corner. Then, he opens it up and, like a kid unwrapping a birthday present, reveals the curated goodies encased within the big box.


Snoop’s birthday was on October 20 and Microsoft most certainly did not forget to keep the Grammy-nominated artist’s big day circled on their calendar. As he approaches the fridge, he gives a nonchalant suggestion as to what the monolith is: “brand-new fridge from Xbox.”

Then, he opens it up and reveals precisely how individually oriented Microsoft’s team had gotten with their presents. For one, the fridge is stocked with enough gin (of Snoop’s own brand, Indoggo) and juice to last a lifetime (or one really good party). But the top shelf bears even more signature goodies.

A custom, Xbox Series X-shaped cake stands on the top shelf, with “Happy Birthday to the Xbox OG” written with icing. Surrounding the baked good is some more ice, as the chilled shelves are also covered in shiny Xbox-branded chains. Oh, and one of the next-gen consoles also sits aside the cake.

microsoft xbox series x and series s consoles
Microsoft is launching two next-gen consoles this Fall.

While Snoop appears to have received his Russian nesting doll of Xbox Series X monoliths early, others will likely need to wait. The console isn’t set to release until November 10, 2020, at which point fans will be able to plug it into their televisions and get to gaming.

Although fans of Snoop and Microsoft might be tempted, after seeing this video, to bring the console to their kitchen instead of the living room, this is probably less advisable.