Dr Disrespect & Snoop Dogg partner up in hilarious Madden 21 crossover

Snoop Dogg playing games with Dr DisrespectTwitter: SnoopDogg / YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect and Snoop Dogg went head to head in virtual competition for the first time as the two clashed heads in a major Madden 21 event. Here’s how the two-time held up against Uncle Snoop.

In a huge clash of mainstream celebrities and internet personalities, EA recently hosted a Madden 21 event that featured the likes of Dr Disrespect and Snoop Dogg. While big names like Marshawn Lynch, Casey Neistat, and Macklemore were all involved, it was the Doc and the Dogg who wound up as the main event.

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The marquee event, hosted on the official NFL YouTube channel, ran for just over an hour as competitors went head to head. Individual games were cut into shorter highlight reels for the stream, but Dr Disrespect shared a lengthier version of the showdown on his own platform. 

Before the match even kicked off, however, he warned that Madden 1995 was the last game he’d played in the series. With a 25-year jump in the franchise, Doc has his back against the wall facing off against a veteran player in Snoop Dogg.

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Naturally, Doc couldn’t help but flex his athletic attributes before taking to the pitch. From his 37-inch vertical leap, to his 6’8 build, the two-time Blockbuster Video Game World Champion impressed Snoop from the jump.

“I’d love to have you as my big man,” Snoop said. “When we finish this we’re gonna talk about some basketball. We’re gonna put you down in the paint in our celebrity game.”

Snoop was once a part of NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. Perhaps there’s a chance Snoop could land Dr Disrespect a starting role in 2021 showcase. He’s shown a clear passion for basketball, appearing on-screen at the 2020 bubble. His popular track ‘Alleyways’ even played across the court on September 2.

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As the action kicked off, the duo began to discuss their game-day rituals before watching a big match. “I wake up and stare at myself in the mirror for 45 minutes straight,” Doc said with his unwavering deadpan tone. “Then I make my way to the infinity pool, do a couple of laps, grab a gin and tonic, kick the feet up, and enjoy the day.”

Snoop’s approach is a little more relaxed in comparison. “My tradition is to wake up, roll around in the grass, and have a good time,” he joked. “Remember I’m a dog.”

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Ultimately it was Snoop who pulled away with a comfortable lead early into the match. While Dr Disrespect closed the gap, he wasn’t able to take down the veteran Madden player. Before things came to a close, the two shared some mutual admiration. Doc explained how he’s always turning up Snoop’s music in his Lamborghini.

Meanwhile, Snoop described the two-time’s YouTube channel as simply “off the hook. Ain’t nobody do it like the Doctor.”

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