SNL appears to mock David Dobrik in YouTuber apology skit

Kyle Mooney in YouTuber apology skit next to David Dobrik in his apology videoYouTube: SNL / David Dobrik

Saturday Night Live has released a new skit mocking YouTuber apologies, and many viewers believe it was inspired by David Dobrik’s recent controversy.

With the increasing presence of YouTuber and TikTokers in the entertainment world, it’s no longer unusual to see some famous faces for the internet pop up on mainstream TV. Plenty of online stars have made appearances on late-night talk shows to promote their upcoming projects, and it’s becoming more normal to see the worlds collide.

However, many were surprised to find that the recent controversy involving YouTuber David Dobrik had been developed into a sketch for Saturday Night Live.

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David was the subject of controversy after sexual abuse allegations were made against Vlog Squad members, and former members of the group claimed that they had been tricked into “traumatizing” content by Dobrik.

David Dobrik on VIEWS podcastYouTube: VIEWS
Dobrik has over 18 million subscribers on YouTube.

This led to the internet personality releasing a series of apology videos in which he addressed the allegations after he was dropped by several key sponsors.

Now, SNL has made a skit about YouTuber apologies, that many believe has been inspired by the Vlog Squad Controversy.

The video is titled ‘Viral Apology Video,’ and stars Daniel Kaluuya and Kyle Mooney. The fake YouTuber is named ‘Marky Munro,’ and he’s shown to be making crazy videos with his group that he calls the ‘Prank Posse.’

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In the sketch, Marky makes an apology video addressing “things from [his] past that have come to light.” After dropping a TV on his friend’s head as part of a prank, he later goes on to make an additional apology video in which he tears up, using some classic YouTube apology phrases.

The final apology video ‘Marky’ releases in the skit shows him address criticism over a kissing prank, which could be a reference to allegations made by Seth Francois against Dobrik. The fake star also reveals that he lost his sponsorships, which has additional similarities with the Vlog Squad controversy.

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One commenter wrote: “I can’t get over how perfect the wig is. It’s David Dobrik’s shape but Logan Paul’s color. SNL’s hair and makeup department is mental. Another added: “You know David Dobrik messed up big time when SNL is making jokes about him.”

Commenter on SNL's YouTube apology sketch

Commenter on SNL's YouTube apology sketch

The segment came as a surprise to many, who didn’t expect this situation to reach SNL.