Silvervale pleads with Twitch after her mom is banned for “fraud”

Kurt Perry
Vtuber Silvervale showing off new outfit during Twitch stream.

Independent Vtuber Silvervale has asked Twitch to unban her mom’s account, after she was permanently banned following charges of fraud, breaching Terms of Service.

Twitch will issue suspensions when content creators break its Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. Depending on the severity of the offense, streamers can receive either a temporary or indefinite ban.

Some of Twitch’s biggest content creators have been permanently banned with the likes Dr Disrespect and Ice Poseidon getting kicked off the platform.

This enforcement of the Terms of Service isn’t exclusive to big names, and is often used against smaller creators and regular users.

Silvervale asks Twitch to unban her mom

Silvervale revealed on Twitter that her mom has been banned indefinitely from Twitch. According to the ex-VShojo member, Twitch accused her mom of breaking the Terms of Service by committing fraud.

Her tweet reads: “My mom (who only uses Twitch to watch me, my brother, and our friends) got banned indefinitely on Twitch yesterday for ‘fraud’? Please give her account back Twitch! Thank you @twitch @twitchsupport.”

This was in response to her mom’s original tweet confirming the ban: “Noooooooo!! My Twitch account got suspended!! Seriously, how can they suspend a National Treasure.”

Twitch’s Terms of Service lists examples of bannable activity: “impersonate any person or entity; falsely claim an affiliation with any person or entity; access the Twitch Services accounts of others without permission; forge another person’s digital signature; misrepresent the source, identity, or content of information transmitted via the Twitch Services; or perform any other similar fraudulent activity.”

This is not the only case of someone in the Vtuber community being banned for fraud. The same happened to MegalodonVT on July 13, an independent streamer who was later unbanned on the same day.

MegalodonVT was unbanned shortly after she reached out to Twitch Support: “@TwitchSupport@twitch I can provide you with any information regarding this matter to further prove my claim. Twitch account name: MegalodonVT”

Megaladon believes the ban was caused by subscription refunds granted to her, but claimed she had no involvement in the subs being refunded.

This is by no means the first time a Vtuber has been banned from Twitch. Veibae, another ex-VShojo member, was banned back in April 2022. Even A.I Vtubers aren’t safe with Neuro-sama receiving similar treatment in December 2022 after her controversial comments on the Holocaust.