Silvervale and Veibae leave VShojo and become independent Vtubers

Kurt Perry
Veibae and Silvervale posing after leaving VShojo

Silvervale and Veibae are leaving VShojo after deciding not to renew their contracts with the popular Vtuber agency.

VShojo describes itself as a “talent first,” Vtuber agency that prioritizes providing the necessary resources for its talents to thrive.

Founded in November 2020, VShojo started out with five vtuber talents including Silvervale. An additional four Vtubers would join over the coming years including Veibae in April 2021.

Unlike other Vtuber agencies like Nijisanji and Phase Connect, none of VShojo’s talents had ever left. That is until now, with two big names on their way out.

Silvervale and Veibae exit VShojo

Both Silvervale and Veibae are leaving VShojo after the two Vtubers opted against renewing their contracts. This was announced on the official VShojo Twitter account on April 26.

The announcement reads: “Silvervale and Vei have chosen not to renew their contracts with VShojo. We respect their decision and want to thank them for helping make VShojo what it is today.”

VShojo also confirmed that both talents will keep the rights to their character: “They will also retain their IP so they can continue as the creators you love! We wish them the best on the next leg of their journey. Sincerely, The VShojo Team.”

A Vtuber exiting an agency, going independent, and keeping their model, name, and character is not the industry standard. Most agencies own the rights to their talents’ IPs forcing creators to start over if they want to or are forced to leave.

Reacting to the news on Twitter, Veibae confirmed her intention of going independent: “No I am not joining OTK. I’m staying indie, read less 4Chan.”

Several VShojo members reached out to show support with Kson insisting they would remain “friends forever,” and Zentreya believing they’ll both go on to do “amazing things.”