Sienna Mae allegedly seen groping Jack Wright in leaked video

Video footage sienna mae gomez jack wrightYouTube: Sienna Gomez

A recently leaked video appears to show TikTok star Sienna Mae Gomez purportedly groping her unconscious ex-boyfriend, Jack Wright, after allegations of sexual assault were levied against her earlier this week.

Content Warning: This article contains depictions of sexual assault and may not be suitable for some readers.


Sienna Mae has since responded to the leaked video, continuing to deny the claims and alleging that the video was taken out of context and edited to make it look like it fit the narrative provided by Jack Wright’s brother and friend Mason. Sienna also revealed that she had issued cease and desist letters to those making the allegations of sexual assault.

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Original article:

Sienna Mae is a relatively popular content creator on TikTok, boasting over 15 million followers on the viral video app due to her posts about body positivity as well as her critiques of the platform’s culture of ruthless comments.

However, it seems that Mae is no longer in the internet’s good graces after the friend of her ex-boyfriend, fellow TikToker Jack Wright, accused her of both sexually assaulting Jack and purportedly telling him to “kill himself,” prompting outrage online.

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Posts about the situation were liked by Jack’s brother shortly thereafter. After initially choosing to handle the situation “offline,” Mae released a response denying the allegations and claiming that it wasn’t her who had assaulted him at a party.

On June 3, though, a video was leaked that allegedly showed Mae groping and kissing an unconscious Jack Wright who was asleep on a sofa.

Content warning: The tweet below contains video footage that may be disturbing to some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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The video was quickly deleted, but is making the rounds across social media. Both Mae and Wright have yet to speak about the clip at the time of writing.

As for Jack’s thoughts on Mae’s earlier response to the initial allegations, the TikToker said: “I truly encourage my childhood friend Sienna to get the support and help that she needs. I don’t want to tear anyone down and only wish healing for everyone involved.”

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