TikTok Privacy Policy update infuriating users with pop up message

TikTok users complain about new Privacy policy pop-upTikTok

TikTokers are complaining en-masse after a pop-up message regarding the app’s privacy policy just won’t disappear. 

As the fastest-growing app in the world, TikTok needs to update its policies often to keep up with the rate of demand, however, the interface isn’t perfect and when something goes wrong, it affects millions of its daily users.

The short-video platform updated its privacy policy on June 2, adding more details about collecting user data including what information they take, and what it is used for.

Users are usually notified of these changes shortly after the update once they log into the app where they must tap to accept. However, the latest pop-up for users in the US has faced a bug in the code which fails to realize when the notification has been acknowledged, and it has infuriated many.

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TikTok phone in handPixabay: Lorendiz Gonzalez
TikTok’s new privacy policy update details how they use and gather user data.

People took to Twitter and even the app itself to air their grievances with the issue.

One TikTok  went viral making fun of the issue, with the creator holding a deadpan face, and repeatedly pushing their finger on the screen with the caption “me pushing okay to the privacy policy update that decides to pop up every time I go on TikTok,” and more than a thousand people commented, with many adding “I thought it was just me!”

One person tweeted: “Yes TikTok, you changed your privacy policy, you only need to tell me once,” alongside a reaction image of someone holding their face in despair.

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Another person wrote: “How the f*ck do I get TikTok to stop asking me about the new privacy policy because I am this close to losing it.”

Meanwhile, others found that they were unable to read the policy in the first place, with several people posting screenshots of an error code when they tried to access the right web page.

At the time of writing, the bug is still affecting users. Unless the company takes a look at the bug affecting their system, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to get around it unless you continue to click “OK” each time you log in.

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