Selen Tatsuki fans “fear the worst” after VTuber’s one-month absence

Kurt Perry
Selen Tatsuki in bear hoodie outfit during official reveal.

Selen Tatsuki fans are beginning to fear the worst and wonder if the Nijisanji VTuber will be leaving the agency following a one-month absence with no updates.

Popular VTuber Selen Tatsuki uploaded a cover song of Last Cup of Coffee on Boxing Day. However, this video was made private by Nijisanji shortly after prompting Selen to then encourage fans to reupload it.

Shortly after this, the Nijisanji member was hospitalized before eventually being discharged on December 31. These events plus earlier controversies including an unexplained ban preventing her from hosting international events have led fans to encourage her to leave Nijisanji.

However, her community has now pivoted and is instead concerned that something worse could be coming after a month of silence.

Selen Tatsuki’s uncertain Nijisanji future

Upset by the lack of transparency, an X/Twitter post that has received 8,500 likes has pleaded with Nijisanji to provide an update on her situation, “…I and many other Dragoons have been worried about her well-being, and I think it’s gone long enough to not hear from Nijisanji directly.”

They continued outing the community’s main concerns, “It has now been almost a month since we’ve last heard from or about Selen,” followed by, “During this past month, not a single current NijiEN member has even mentioned her since the cup of coffee MV issue or the tweet stating she was in and discharged from the hospital, giving a perception as if they’re not allowed to.”

After highlighting that Pomu, a member who was already leaving, is the only talent to have acknowledged Selen, this post then admitted Dragoons were beginning to “fear the worst possible situations,” with Nijisanji’s silence “causing disarray as to what is happening to her.”

This push for more transparency was not limited to one tweet either with one indie VTuber describing it as “disrespectful,” and another fan’s highly supported post believing the silence of other Nijisanji members is “eerie,” with them questioning why no one has addressed the situation.

Nijisanji has not commented on Selen Tatsuki’s circumstances beyond confirming that she wouldn’t attend ANIME Impulse for “unforeseen reasons,” on January 11. This was initially believed to be linked to her health concerns but some fans are now beginning to grow suspicious something bigger might be at play.

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