Selen Tatsuki gives final statement on Nijisanji termination: “I want to move on”

Jeremy Gan
Dokibird makes final statement on Nijisanji allegations after termination

Dokibird, formerly known as Selen Tatsuki, has given a full statement amid her termination from Nijisanji, saying she wanted to keep the situation behind the scenes.

On February 5, Nijisanji found themselves in hot water after terminating Selen Tatsuki’s contract over breaches in her contract, to which the Liver quickly responded, alleging a “toxic” work environment that resulted in her being bullied for numerous months.  

As a knock-on-effect, this has led to planned collaborations with the agency’s other Livers being canceled, and an outpouring of support for Selen, who now goes by her alt, Dokibird. 

Days after the allegations came to light, Doki has now followed up and made a full statement on the matter in her return stream as Doki, shedding light on the matter. 

Clip starts at 2:31:00

Although she couldn’t reveal legal details about the matter, she claimed she was hospitalized with the agency knowing why so, and that she tried to leave Nijisanji mutually, however, was blindsided by Nijisanji’s announcement.

“I wouldn’t have made the statement if the announcement didn’t go up the way it did, and I was willing to keep the info hidden to the public. And I never truly wanted the public to know why I was in the hospital, but I had to be honest for the truth,” Doki said. 

Doki continued to talk about her hospitalization, “I was in the hospital for an attempt, and I provided medical documents of everything that happened that proved it as well. As is the therapy session and the doctor evaluation. 

Everyone knew I was in the hospital, and the reason behind it a few days before I was discharged. And I was not repressing something that happened once that pushed me to it, but it was a build-up that stemmed from multiple months that led to my breaking point.”

She ended off the final response to the situation, “Let’s not harass or bully anybody, I already how that felt, I want us to be adults and not high schoolers, and I want to move on.”

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