Nijisanji CEO makes statement on Selen Tatsuki termination promising change

Kurt Perry
Nijisanji CEO Riku Tazumi addressing Selen Tatsuki termination.Nijisanji

Nijisanji CEO Riku Tazumi has made an official statement addressing Selen Tatsuki’s termination promising that changes are being made to avoid comparable situations in the future.

Following the privatization of her last cover song and eventual hospitalization, Selen Tatsuki had her contract terminated with Nijisanji EN with the VTuber agency claiming she had committed “repeated breaches,” of her contract.

Using her alt account, Dokibird, Selen Tatsuki responded on February 5 claiming her hospitalization was a direct cause of Nijisanji’s actions and even alleged the company was harboring a “toxic environment.”

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A week on, Nijisanji’s CEO has now spoken in a statement that addresses the concerns of fans and promises change is coming.

Nijisanji CEO’s statement addresses fan concerns

CEO Riku Tazami has addressed several criticisms of his company in a six-minute statement posted on the official Nijisanji EN YouTube channel.

In this statement, the company’s CEO acknowledged several criticisms of Nijisanji and promised changes would be made to avoid a comparable situation in the future.

Tazami opened up by addressing the controversial document that reassured investors Selen’s termination would have a “negligible impact,” on company finances.

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Explaining this decision, Tazami commented, “After announcing the termination of Selen’s contract, we received questions from investors regarding the impact this would have on company performance. The notice was published to respond to investors.”

“In the notice, we unfortunately used the expression ‘negligible’ to describe performance impact. Our wording lacked consideration for the situation and caused Nijisanji EN fans and everyone who supports the VTuber industry to feel that ANYCOLOR Inc. undervalued the impact of Selen’s contract termination, or Selen herself,” he continued clarifying why the statement was made.

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After apologizing to the Livers and admitting company actions had led to them receiving abuse from fans, the Nijisanji CEO addressed concerns over the termination notice, “We regret that the notice we published on February 7 was worded this way. We made it sound like our company does not value the hard work of our Livers. I deeply apologize.”

Tazami went on to acknowledge the shortcomings of Nijisanji’s current structure promising several key changes including “new internal systems,” to help Livers maintain their well-being, “better reporting systems,” to identify internal problems faster, and a “Rethinking of our communication in English is done,” for future notices.

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Though the reception to Tazami’s statement has been somewhat positive, many fans are questioning its sincerity. Just a few hours prior, Elira Pendora, Vox Akuma, and Ike Eveland all made statements claiming Selen had fabricated certain aspects of her story.

Furthermore, the three Livers revealed they had been shown confidential legal documents that were intended to be kept between Selen, her lawyers, and Nijisanji’s lawyers, something Dokibird herself reaffirmed.

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