Nijisanji fans slam talents for “feeding the trolls” with controversial clapbacks

Kurt Perry
Nijisanji VTubers Uki Violeta and Yu Q. Wilson.

Two of Nijisanji’s male VTubers have come under fire for “feeding the trolls,” with fans believing they should have ignored critical comments rather than engage and potentially cause more issues.

Since Selen Tatsuki had her contract terminated on February 5, 2024, it has been a difficult few weeks for Nijisanji and its parent company, Anycolor. Posting on her alt account, Selen alleged a “toxic environment,” that resulted in multiple attempts.

The backlash from this was so severe that CEO Riku Tazumi made a statement promising changes to internal systems, though many felt this was undermined by the controversial response video posted on Elira Pendora’s channel that dismissed many of Selen’s claims.

This chain of events inevitably saw trolls and critics alike attack Nijisanji over its perceived management of talents, with some even reaching out to the VTubers on social media. Up until now, the Livers had largely avoided publicly addressing this but that is no longer the case, and fans aren’t impressed.

Nijisanji VTubers’ social media replies draw criticism

Both Yu Q. Wilson and Uki Violeta posted controversial responses to critical comments and neither has gone down well in the wider Nijisanji community.

Addressing these replies, one fan posted on the official Nijisanji Reddit, “Whoever told these guys they can cook needs to be fired,” encouraging Nijisanji’s other members to avoid following their lead.

Wanting the talents to not cause further issues, one highly upvoted response stated, “Honestly, one thing they can learn here is some proper f**king PR 101. They are just refueling fire man.DO NOT engage with troll comments. You are just giving them ammo. IGNORE and BLOCK. Its just that.”

Another equally irritated user replied, “Like seriously. a.) how tone deaf can you be when your organization has been accused of bullying its own employees and b.) don’t feed the trolls. He got baited plain and simple. He walked right into it and got absolutely wrecked.”

The criticism continued with other upvoted responses including, “Bro, come on. I get that you want to keep your job and maybe don’t even think Niji was wrong, but the talents need to shut the f**k up if they want Niji to recover from this,” and, “they didn’t cook they burned the whole kitchen.”

Uki Violeta’s comments have come under especially harsh criticism with both his critics and even other VTubers like Kirsche accusing him of “not-so-subtle racism,” an accusation that the Nijisanji member has yet to address.

Before this latest controversy arose, Nijisanji had benefited from a relatively calm week with talents shying away from stating anything publicly. Also, the return of fan-favorite members Rosemi Lovelock and Finana Ryugu has been seen as a huge positive with their futures previously uncertain.

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