Selen Tatsuki responds to Nijisanji EN termination and alleges a “toxic” environment

Kurt Perry
Selen Tatsuki steaming for Nijisanji EN before termination.

Selen Tatsuki has accused Nijisanji of having a toxic environment, after the VTuber agency terminated her contract for several alleged breaches.

In a lengthy statement posted on the Nijisanji EN Official X/Twitter account, the popular VTuber agency announced the termination of Selen Tatsuki’s contract.

Nijisanji cited “repeated breaches,” of its guidelines that led to the eventual deterioration of the relationship between management and Selen Tatsuki. This followed the controversial privating of Selen’s last cover song and the announcement she had been hospitalized shortly after.

However, Selen has quickly responded to Nijisanji’s statement, giving her side of the story on how her termination came to be.

Selen Tatsuki criticizes Nijisanji on alt account

Within minutes of Nijisanji announcing her termination, Selen Tatsuki posted a scathing response on her alt account, Dokibird, accusing the agency of harboring a “toxic and poor environment.”

Her reply reads, “I will not be silenced anymore. [In December], I was hospitalized for an attempt that was caused by a built up of bullying from within&being in a toxic&poor environment for numerous months that led to my breaking point. I requested to leave first but on more neutral terms on 26th Jan.”

Reassuring her fans of a more positive future, she continued, “I will be returning here soon as I will like to celebrate Lunar New Year with all of you. This holiday means a lot to me and my Chinese culture as someone that lived in China for a big portion of my life. It should be the start of happiness and new beginnings.”

In a separate tweet posted shortly after, Dokibird insisted, “I am still me, every memory and achievement I’ve earned is still me. They cannot take that away. Please let everyone know that this is where I am now, I hope you all find me again and we can laugh together again.”

Selen Tatsuki’s response on her alt account conflicts with Nijisanji’s announcement with the VTuber agency claiming Selen threatened them with legal action while Dokibird stated she pursued a mutual exit on neutral terms.

This is not the first time Nijisanji has seen backlash from a terminated Liver. In March 2023, Zaion Lanza was fired for “multiple contract breaches,” but later responded on her alt defending herself in a Twitlonger that led fans to question Nijisanji EN’s management.

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