Nijisanji’s official subreddit has been purged out of nowhere

Kurt Perry
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The official Nijisanji subreddit has been almost entirely wiped clean with the majority of posts being removed and nothing new being posted since.

The VTuber agency’s official subreddit was purged on May 13 with almost every post from the last three months being removed. This includes everything from genuine fan interaction to those criticizing Nijisanji.

On the New section of r/Nijisanji the only posts that appear are happy birthday messages for various talents. The most recent of these was eight days ago but some date back over two months. This is a result of the subreddit being wiped and restricted so posting on it now requires moderator approval.

Nijisanji has not yet commented on the changes made to its subreddit. As of May 15, a statement has not been posted on Reddit nor has an official announcement been shared to clarify why this decision was made.

The official Nijisanji subreddit after it was made restricted.
The official NijisanjI subreddit New section now only features a handful of old posts.

Naturally, this has led fans to speculate. The most common theory relates to the negativity of r/Nijisanji with the subreddit previously featuring a range of critical posts targeted at the VTuber agency. While these weren’t the only posts they did make the majority of the subreddit’s most upvoted content over the last three months.

Posts of this nature followed Nijisanji’s termination of Selen Tatsuki’s contract in February 2024. The ex-Nijisanji member immediately fired back responding to the termination by alleging a “toxic environment,” that involved bullying and claimed it even hospitalized her.

On February 13, 2024, Nijisanji CEO Riku Tazumi addressed this and apologized. In this statement, Tazumi took responsibility and promised NijisanjI EN would get more support for future events. Since then, the AR Live “Colors” concert was hosted in April 2024 and the remaining members of both Obysidia and Ethyria have all received 3D debuts.

Regardless of these positive developments, it is still unclear what the Nijisanji subreddit’s fate will be. It may be opened up again once the ongoing controversies calm down or this could be a sign of more to come.

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