Nijisanji EN under fire for announcing new merch amid Selen Tatsuki allegations

Jeremy Gan
NIJISANJI VTuber Selen Tatsuki

Nijisanji is under fire for announcing new merch amid allegations by Selen Tatsuki of a “toxic” environment after her termination from the agency. 

On February 5, Nijisanji announced the termination of their Liver Selen Tatsuki due to alleged breaches of contract and misleading statements on social media. However, the notice was immediately rebutted by Selen. 

In her scathing response, she accused the agency of harboring a “toxic and poor environment” which supposedly led to bullying for numerous months, leading her to be hospitalized. 

And amidst the allegations leveled against Nijisanji, they’ve since announced new merch, which has landed them in hot water for what many are calling “disrespectful” timing. 

Just 15 hours after Selen’s termination on February 6, Nijisanji announced new merch featuring six of their EN Livers. However, the announcement was immediately slammed by fans for its timing.

“To call this disrespectful is an understatement,” commented CottontailVA, an independent VTuber. “This is extremely tone deaf,” wrote Abelia, another independent VTuber. 

“This just proves it’s just a regular day for Nijisanji, they acknowledge the amount of graduations and terminations they have is just a typical Monday and not even give a hot minute for Selen fans to grieve,” another commenter wrote. 

Other fans also pointed out that an EN Liver featured in the merch lineup, Kyo Kaneko, is graduating from the agency in just a week on February 17, becoming the first ILUNA member to leave. 

All this comes as Nijisanji sees a mass exodus of Livers leaving the agency over the past few months, with two of their longest-serving members, Chihiro Yuuki and Momo Azuchi, also graduating.

Additionally, Livers on their EN side with Pomu Rainpuff and Mika Melatika from Nijisanji ID both announced their graduation in just the past few months. 

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