Dokibird addresses Nijisanji allegedly sharing confidential documents with other members

Kurt Perry
VTuber Dokibird in Heist Time theme video.

Another development has surfaced following the termination of Selen Tatsuki’s contract, with the former Nijisanji EN VTuber now responding on her alt account to a confidential document being allegedly shared with other members.

After Selen Tatsuki’s contract was terminated on February 5, Nijisanji EN posted a follow-up featuring three of its talents: Elira Pendora, Ike Eveland, and Vox Akuma. The company CEO later addressed Selen’s dismissal promising changes would be made to avoid a similar situation.

In the Liver response video, Vox Akuma revealed he had “thoroughly reviewed,” the documents sent to AnyColor despite them being confidential and intended to be kept between designated parties. Though Nijisanji responded swiftly with an internal investigation that cleared them of any wrongdoing or “confidentiality violations.”

Having been made aware of the Liver response video while streaming on her alt account, Dokibird confirmed a statement would be posted after she consulted with her lawyers. That statement has now been released detailing her feelings on Nijisanji’s handling of the confidential document.

Dokibird responds to Nijisanji EN document controversy

In a lengthy response that totals over 900 words, former Nijisanji VTuber Selen Tatsuki expressed her disappointment on her alt account – Dokibird – that the VTuber agency had shared a confidential document with other members.

The response opens, “I was ready to move on, I had made my last statement and I haven’t looked at anything regarding my past for a full week,” before elaborating, “I wanted to be hopeful for the future and never interact with that side again. So to see it all come back and reopen a wound that I was ready to heal from and to have to talk to my lawyer again on how to respond.”

Dokibird provided insight on the revealed document’s contents saying it was written at her “darkest time mentally,” constructed solely to document her thoughts, and was never intended to be revealed to anyone other than her lawyer.

In this segment, she conceded that it did feature voice recordings of other people but claimed these were part of tests for a future collaboration event. Regardless, Dokibird apologized for this “misunderstanding,” which was a key focus of Vox Akuma’s section of the Nijisanji EN Liver response video.

Offering further context, Dokibird continued, “Sometimes I didn’t hear anything for days from the lawyers on the other side and felt like I’d be alone and isolated for a long time. It made it so hard for me mentally,” before revealing it was her lawyers that first proposed to send the document to Nijisanji’s legal representatives on February 5.

According to Dokibird, her termination was announced less than two hours after the document was sent. This left her “very shocked,” but she assumed it was the last time she would hear about it expecting all involved parties to move on.

Instead, Nijisanji posted the aforementioned response and the CEO’s statement which followed shortly after. Alluding to this Dokibird highlights that, “Everything I post to the public about the situation was a response,” emphasizing that she wanted to keep matters private.

The ex-Nijisanji member closed by confirming that she would not reveal receipts or documents publicly, believing that doing so would “just make things worse,” describing the internet as being a “cruel place.”

Also, she encouraged fans to “show kindness to all parties involved,” wanting to avoid others going through what she has. The final line of the statement reads, “I hope this will be the last statement I have to make,” with Dokibird hoping this she can put the past behind her though if that remains true will depend on future developments.

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