ReviewBrah gives anticipated verdict on new MrBeast Burger

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ReviewBrah reviews MrBeast burgerYouTube: TheReportOfTheWeek

In a brand new video, famous YouTuber John ‘ReviewBrah’ Jurasek has tried out MrBeast’s “Beast Style Burger” from his new chain. 

MrBeast has expanded his YouTube empire into burgers, starting up a new chain restaurant across the USA called “MrBeast Burger.” Upon launch, he’s been giving away free food and wads of cash ⁠— but you can order one yourself at 300 locations. Of course, every burger bought will also give back to charity, helping feed hungry families.

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ReviewBrah has recently tried out Travis Scott’s McDonald’s Meal and the McDonald’s McRib, and now he’s given his hotly anticipated verdict on his fellow creator’s new fast-food restaurant, ordering the Beast Style burger, crispy chicken tender sandwich, seasoned fries, and a cookie.

ReviewBrah’s initial reaction was to the amount of sauce on the burger. “It isn’t as saucy as I expected it to be which to me that’s a plus,” he said. “I’ve seen other establishments do this it’s like there’s too much sauce on it and it feels like I’m biting in and it’s like this watery mess.”

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MrBeast burger restaurant launchInstagram: MrBeast
MrBeast launched his new chain on December 20

The YouTuber also observed how well it was cooked, addressing what had been said online: “I saw a few people complaining on social media saying that there were some issues with the meat being undercooked which is just a legitimate concern…the burger that I got it seems like it’s cooked…it’s still tender very rich in flavor

“It’s pretty juicy pretty flavorful and I can’t complain it does have a little bit of a tang to it and some sharpness of course from the onions and the pickles which really do stand out.”

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It wasn’t all perfect though. He said, “The bun just seems to be a little too doughy or chewy. The first few bites were just like they seemed to be more bun than anything else. He also pointed out that it is a seven dollar burger, “but again you’re supporting your local restaurants by doing this too you’re helping them out they’re struggling during this time.”

As for the rest of the meal, ReviewBrah described the chicken tender sandwich as “I’ve had worse so I’m not vomiting it up,” and rated the taste of tangy lime in the fries.

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Overall the YouTuber gave the Beast Burger a 7 out of 10 and encouraged viewers to try out the “pretty basic but good” establishment if only to help support small businesses.

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