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Antonio Garza calls out Jeffree Star for ‘strange’ unfollowing spree

Published: 21/Dec/2020 6:54

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Antonio Garza is still confused about the time Jeffree Star erratically followed her and liked all her posts on social media, then suddenly unfollowed her after he thought she tweeted about him.

Antonio Garza is an open book despite being incredibly popular on YouTube. She rose to fame after fans loved her series of beauty and makeup transformation videos and now has more than 3.6 million subscribers.

Like most influencers, she’s been involved in some drama over the years. The most obvious case was when she fell out with fellow YouTube sensation James Charles after he was involved in a series of scandals.


In a post that she uploaded on TikTok, Antonio Garza was reminiscing about a bizarre situation between her and Jeffree Star. She called him out for obsessively following her on social media, and then suddenly unfollowing her.

Antonio Garza Jeffree Star
Antonio Garza
Antonio Garza has become immensely popular on YouTube.

“I don’t know why I’m saying this on the internet,” said Antonio Garza. “But I’m thinking about the time that Jeffree Star followed me on Twitter, and then he unfollowed me on Twitter, and then he followed me back on Twitter.”

“Then, he followed me on every other social media platform, and… started liking all of my posts on… every single platform,” she said. “And then he started… saying things in his videos that I said in my videos, like quoting me and stuff.”


“And then, I tweeted something one day, and he thought it was about him, and then he unfollowed me on every social media platform,” she added. “Like it wasn’t even about him. And I was half his age. I still am. What was that about?”

The situation happened several years ago when Antonio Garza was about 16 years old. It left her feeling strange and confused, and it seems like it hasn’t escaped her mind ever since.

Some people think she is overthinking and overreacting about it, and it might be an attempt to stir up some drama. However, many others think her reaction is perfectly normal.


Either way, Jeffree Star hasn’t responded and probably won’t. It’s not the first time someone has followed and then dramatically unfollowed someone on social media, and it won’t be the last.