Prime Hydration tracker removed from iOS app store despite KSI approval

Prime Hydration Ice PopInstagram: DrinkPrime

Just days after fans began reaching out to KSI and Logan Paul, a popular Prime Hydration tracker has been removed from the iOS App Store.

Just days after Prime Hydration announced that they were launching their product in the UK, Tom Bastable began working on an iOS app that helped users track what stores had the popular product.

The app quickly gained traction with fans of the product and even received praise from KSI himself during a group call on Discord in early August.

Just over a week later, however, Bastable penned a letter to the community stating that Prime’s parent company Congo Brands requested that he take the tracker down, which prompted him to attempt to make changes in order to keep it up.

On August 18, the creator wrote another letter to the community stating that he has officially been forced to remove the app from the iOS app store.

Prime Tracker removed from App Store

Bastable said, “I tried to do everything I could to keep the app up, guys. I’m sorry it wasn’t enough.”

Tom also attached an image to the tweet, with a letter to the community.

“After removing any and all content from the app that could be considered Prime’s image or likeless and making the app free, I received a fairly aggressive call at 3 am asking me to remove the app,” he explained.

“They wouldn’t give me a valid reason why, he just said that the request to take it down came from KSI’s side and it had to be done. I’ve complied, and the app is no longer on the App Store.”

In a second tweet, Bastable revealed that users who have the app installed on their phone will be able to keep it, and the admins will continue updating it until they run out of funds in two or three weeks.

KSI and Logan Paul haven’t commented on the situation, but we’ll be sure to update if they do.