YouTubers say Drake vs Kendrick beef is making them “life-changing” money

Virginia Glaze

Kendrick Lamar and Drake have officially dropped copyright stipulations from their diss tracks on YouTube, helping creators make “life-changing” amounts of money.

The beef between rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake is taking over the internet — so, naturally, YouTubers are uploading their reactions to the entire thing.

Oodles of prominent reaction channels have been offering their takes on the artists’ ongoing feud and breaking down every diss track… something that, until recently, could have gotten them in big trouble.

Content creators are well-acquainted with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which protects copyright holders from “online theft.” It’s not unusual to see videos or streams get taken down over copyright issues after influencers play certain songs or use footage from protected material in their videos or streams.

Drake performing onstage in a concert

Luckily, creators following the Kendrick / Drake beef won’t have to worry about their channels getting a strike anymore. On May 6, 2024, it was reported that the two artists’ record labels had completely removed copyright restrictions on their diss tracks.

This news has come as a major victory for reaction creators, who are now able to make money from their content reacting to the songs, rather than risking demonetization. As told by prominent streamer ‘No Life Shaq,’ these influencers are now raking in “life-changing” amounts of cash.

“Everyone is able to eat off this beef,” he explained. “And for Kendrick Lamar to double back and think about the reaction community and remove all copyright from his songs… that’s a W.

“That’s a big deal, because there’s a lot of smaller channels that have a lot of views from this beef. Their channels got seen by a lot of people just because of this beef. And then for them to be able to get paid for what they put out… oh my god, man.”

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Shaq went on to say that he’s made a “ridiculous amount of money” off of the Kendrick vs Drake beef thus far, praising Kendrick for allowing creators both big and small to profit from this major cultural moment in the rap scene.

Other reactors are also offering their thanks to the rappers, with Kick streamer YourRage praising both Drake and Kendrick in a celebratory post on Twitter/X for removing their copyright claims on his content about their feud.

It’s unclear how the artists’ beef will end — but the two have received an offer from WWE star Shawn Michaels to settle things in the wrestling ring.

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