Pokimane vows to do “better” after trying to “get back at others” over cookie drama

Jake Nichols
pokimane-launches-new-podcast-spotifyYouTube: Pokimane

Pokimane has stated she vows to do “better” amid controversy regarding her recently launched snack company.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys’ first-ever product launch has been controversial, to say the least. The Twitch star unveiled her health-conscious snack company, Myna Snacks, on November 13, but it almost immediately came under fire after fans alleged that the snacks shared similarities to a cheaper brand despite the considerably higher price tag.

The situation escalated when Pokimane labeled fans complaining about the price as “broke,” which she later stated was “100% intended to be a joke.”

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After what has been a crazy couple of weeks, Pokimane has taken to Instagram to reflect on the experience and express intentions for personal growth.

Pokimane storyIG: pokimanelol

“Been reflecting the last few days, and for starters I wanna thank everyone who’s been so supportive and understanding,” Pokimane shared in her Instagram story.

“I realized I’ve been too fixated on negative things/people and reacting in ways that aren’t conducive to being the best version of myself,” she stated, adding, “Feels silly to say that because I’ve been making content for so long, I should know better but s**t happens lol.”

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“Either way, I’m determined to handle things better in the future and realize it’s futile to stoop too low to get back at others.”

Pokimane’s update appears to be a response to the recent comments and her own handling of the backlash and comes not long after responding to xQc’s “unbiased” review of the cookies.

xQc was one of the many streamers who chimed in with their thoughts on the snack, sharing, “The aftertaste kind of leaves me upset. It annoys me.” xQc ended up giving the snack a 5/10 rating and suggested there were “improvements to be made.”

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Later, when asked by Kai Cenat if she had seen xQc’s review of the cookies, Pokimane responded, “Sometimes, other people’s opinions are none of my business,” before also adding that she believes xQc had a “bone to pick” with her over it.

If you’re still wondering if Pokimane’s Midnight Mini Cookies are worth the price and the controversy that came with it, be sure to check out Dexerto’s very own Myna cookies review.

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