Pokimane responds to rumors that Myna Snacks are rebranded cookies: “We own our formula”

Virginia Glaze
pokimane-responds-myna-snacks-concernsYouTube: Pokimane

Twitch star Pokimane is speaking out after her new snack brand, Myna Snacks, was compared to another popular cookie brand, setting the record straight in a series of posts on Twitter/X.

On November 13, Twitch streaming star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys launched her very first product — a snack line called ‘Myna Snacks.’

The first (and thus far, only) snack available for the brand are chocolate cookies infused with Vitamin D, called the Midnight Mini Cookies. They’re available to purchase on the official Myna Snacks website at $7 per bag in batches of varying amounts — a 4-pack, 8-pack, and 12-pack.

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Although fans were excited about this major move in Poki’s career, critics began comparing Myna Snacks to cookies from another brand that were reportedly on sale at Costco earlier this year.

Pokimane Myna SnacksMyna Snacks
Pokimane launched her very own snack brand called ‘Myna Snacks’ in November 2023.

As detailed in a thread on Twitter/X, user ‘Atelisi’ noticed that the ingredients listed in Toatzy’s Midnight Mini Cookies were similar to those in Pokimane’s cookies of the exact same name. Others noticed that Myna Snacks were sold at a higher price than Toatzy’s for the same weight ($28 vs $9.99 for 400g of product).

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Myna Snacks responded to concerns in a statement to Dexerto, saying “our product formulation is unique to Myna and exclusive to us. We can confirm the Midnight Mini Cookies were in development for two years. This process included many rounds of testing and ingredient changes.”

Pokimane addresses copycat concerns over new Myna Midnight Mini Cookies

Now, Pokimane has responded to the conversation, uploading her thoughts on the matter in a series of posts on X.

In her statement, Pokimane claimed that the cookies buyers will be getting were made “three weeks ago” and “are not a drop shipped product.”

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“We own our formula,” the streamer wrote. “The cookies they are being compared to were also made by our manufacturer, Creation Foods, which specializes in healthy food. The compared cookies had one test batch sold before they were retired. Months later, we partnered with Creation Foods and fell in love with the flavor profile of the Midnight Cookie.”

Poki says she and her team “worked together to refine and improve the formula” and are “really happy with the final product.”

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“While the ingredients list may look similar, they are entirely different in terms of ingredient quality, quantity/ratios ,sourcing, the size/texture of the cookie, and of course the added Vitamin D.”

Poki also addressed the pricing of her product as opposed to the Toatzy cookies, saying that “making a healthy and quality snack with real, gluten-free ingredients and added vitamins is not a cheap practice,” adding, “any profits we make goes directly back into creating more quality products.”

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“Myna has been a two-year passion project to create a brand that provides the healthy and yummy snacks that we deserve,” she added in a follow-up post. “If you try the cookies and love them, I am so grateful and thank you. We are already working on new products, and I can’t wait to show you all.”

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