Pokimane’s cookie brand under fire as fans spot near-identical product at Costco

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Pokimane’s new cookie brand is facing backlash as fans have uncovered a strikingly similar product was sold at Costco.

Update (Nov 14): A spokesperson from the company has stated: “Our product formulation is unique to Myna and exclusive to us. We can confirm the Midnight Mini Cookies were in development for two years. This process included many rounds of testing and ingredient changes.”

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Popular influencer Pokimane has ventured into the snack industry with the launch of her company, Myna Snacks, unveiling her own line of cookies named Midnight Mini Cookies.

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Pokimane’s move follows the trend of influencers who have started to diversify income sources with various product launches. She joins the likes of Logan Paul & KSI, who launched Prime in 2022, as well as MrBeast, who established Beast Burger and Feastables. There’s also the likes of Amouranth, who has recently spoken about some more unique business ideas.

However, Pokimane’s launch has already led to controversy surrounding the product’s authenticity and pricing.

Myna Snacks was announced just days after Pokimane teased the product launch, claiming to offer healthier snack options.

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In a statement on the Myna Snacks website, Pokimane said, “Most snacks were filled with things I couldn’t feel good about. So we created Myna.”

The Midnight Mini Cookies are described as made with “deep chocolate with velvety white chips and sea salt” and are being marketed at the premium price of $28 for a 4-pack, $56 for an 8-pack, and $84 for a 12-pack.

Controversy surrounding the product sparked almost immediately as social media users quickly questioned the snacks’ origin. One Twitter user provided a deep dive into the origins of the product, complete with sources.

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Atelisi’s investigation alleges that Myna Snacks lied about who created the cookies after discovering similarities between the Midnight Mini Cookies and a product from Creations Foods, another company in the Pacific Northwest known for their healthier snack options, that was seemingly available in Costco stores earlier this year.

“Right on their page are cookies that look similar to Myna Snacks… Midnight Mini Cookies by Toatzy,” Atelisi shared, noting that Toatzy’s website links back to Creations Foods.

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Atelisi also added that a comparison of nutritional information and ingredients revealed that the two products are almost identical before alleging that it’s possibly a “cash grab attempt” in which “no work into the cookies themselves was put into it, and the claim of ‘creating’ the cookie is (allegedly) a lie.”

More social media users are also speaking up against the product, with one highlighting the now-higher price by weight, stating, “Pokimane’s new product is apparently just a rebranded ‘Toatzy midnight mini cookie’ which she sells for three times the price. The only difference between the cookies is vitamin D3. $28 vs $9.99 for 400g. Scam?”

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This article was updated to include comments from a Myna Snacks spokesperson.

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