xQc responds as Pokimane claims he has “bone to pick” over Cookies drama

Connor Bennett
xQc and Pokimane side-by-side talking to camera on streamTwitch: xQc/Pokimane

Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has responded to Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys claiming he has a “bone to pick” with her over his review of her Myna Cookies and subsequent drama. 

Plenty of streamers and content creators have gotten involved with merchandising and suffered backlash as a result of poor quality or overpriced products. Well, Pokimane is the latest to be caught up in that. 

The Twitch star launched her Myna Snacks Midnight Mini Cookies at the backend of November, with many fans complaining about the pricing. A fair few compared it to a similar, cheaper brand at Costco. The heat was further turned up on Pokimane after she called a fan “broke” for complaining about the price – which she maintains was a joke

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Plenty of streamers have chimed in with their own views of the situation, including xQc, who, in his “unbiased” review of the cookies said they left him “upset” and wanted improvements. 

xQc responds to Pokimane over Myna Cookies drama

In a conversation with Kai Cenat, Pokimane responded to that, saying that “sometimes, other people’s opinions are none of my business,” before adding that she believed xQc had a “bone to pick” with her over it.

Well, the former Overwatch star was a bit taken aback by that. “Bro, what? That is directly her business! I’m just a voice out of all the voices,” he said. “I gave an honest review. I tried my best, chat, to objectively say what I felt about the cookie with no bias. 

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“What did I do man? I never said anything bad. Why is everybody so mald, I don’t get it? I didn’t do anything.”

xQc continued and claimed that he “instigated some tension because it was funny,” comparing it to being sent to detention in school with a friend where you laugh at each other. 

“For me, it was almost relatable like ‘oh, I’m making a joke, people are calling me out’ and I was like oh, it’s kind of cool to see somebody who is normally respected do the same behavior, right, and I can make fun of them like they make fun of me,” he added. 

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The Twitch and Kick streamer has also said he faces more backlash than Pokimane for controversies, comparing what happened to his drama with H3H3 from August.

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