Pokimane’s Myna Snacks controversy explained: Midnight Mini Cookie drama timeline

Liam Ho
Pokimane with Myna Snacks Co-CEOMyna Snacks

Streaming sensation Pokimane has been at the center of controversy after the launch of her new company Myna Snacks and the Midnight Cookies product.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys was the most recent content creator to release their own product. Following in the steps of Logan Paul and KSI with PRIME and MrBeast with Feastables, the streamer just announced the creation of snack company Myna Snacks, alongside the reveal of their first product the Midnight Mini Cookie.

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However, the launch hasn’t been without its controversy, with some on the internet alleging that the Midnight Mini Cookies bear a striking resemblance to a product briefly on Costco’s shelves earlier this year.

From the announcement itself to the latest responses from those involved, here’s the full explainer to get you up to speed.

Pokimane Announces Myna Snacks

Pokimane first teased on Twitter she was excited about the launch of an upcoming product on November 9, 2023. Fast forward a week and the announcement of Myna Snacks made a splash across social media.

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The snack company is focused on making healthier snack alternatives, with its first product being the Midnight Mini Cookies.

According to a statement on the Myna Snacks website, the streamer said, “Most snacks were filled with things I couldn’t feel good about. So we created Myna.”

The Midnight Mini cookies are up for purchase right now and are available in a 4, 8, or 12-pack. These boxes cost $28, $56, and $84 each respectively, equating to about $7 per bag.

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Backlash to Myna Snacks Midnight Mini Cookies

Shortly after the announcement of Myna Snacks Midnight Mini Cookies, controversy began to form around the product’s origins. Twitter users began to question where Myna’s newest product had come from, comparing it to another product that was sold by Costco earlier this year.

One Twitter user named Atelisi alleged that Myna Snacks had lied about who had created the product, pointing out similarities between Midnight Mini Cookies and a product made by Creations Foods, a company also known for creating alternative snack options.

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Atelisi not only compared the products visually but also took into account their nutritional information and ingredients, arguing that the two products are almost identical. They then claimed that Myna’s new product was a “cash grab attempt” where “no work into the cookies themselves was put into it, and the claim of ‘creating’ the cookie is (allegedly) a lie.”

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Myna Snacks responds to backlash

Hours after the claims began gaining traction online, a Myna spokesperson reached out to Dexerto to make a statement, claiming “Our product formulation is unique to Myna and exclusive to us.

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“We can confirm the Midnight Mini Cookies were in development for two years. This process included many rounds of testing and ingredient changes.”

Beyond the sourcing of the ingredients, there is one key difference between Midnight Mini Cookies and the Creation Foods product, which is the inclusion of mushroom powder, which provides Vitamin D.

Pokimane’s response to Midnight Mini Cookie drama

Pokimane’s snack company has teased that a more in-depth reveal in the future may help clear the air around the early controversy.

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Pokimane has also spoken out in response to the backlash, attempting to set the record straight.

“The batch of Myna cookies we’re currently shipping were made 3 weeks ago. They are not a drop-shipped product, and we own our formula.

“The cookies they are being compared to were also made by our manufacturer, Creation Foods, which specializes in healthy food. The compared cookies had one test batch sold before they were retired. Months later we partnered with Creation Foods and fell in love with the flavor profile of the midnight cookie.

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“We then decided to work together to refine and improve the formula, and we’re really happy with the final product. While the ingredients list may look similar, they are entirely different in terms of ingredient quality, quantity/ ratios, sourcing, the size/ texture of the cookie, and of course the added vitamin D. Refining formulas is a very common practice in the food industry + 70-80% of the foods you see in grocery stores are white labeled.”

Pokimane CookiesTwitter/pokimanelol
Pokimane’s Myna Snacks are offering consumers healthier alternatives to snack foods.

Myna Snacks’ Midnight Mini Cookies are available for purchase as of the time of writing, with Pokimane explaining that the company is still working on more new products at the moment, meaning this is just the first of many to be released.

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