Pokimane shades Ninja and Jessica Blevins after Jidion meetup

During Pokimane’s inaugural stream after announcing she re-signed with Twitch, the streamer shed some light on the Jidion, Ninja, and Jessica Blevins drama.

Earlier this year, Pokimane ended her stream early after fellow streamer Jidion sent a hate raid to her channel. Twitch permanently banned Jidion from the platform after he received waves of criticism from viewers and streamers.

However, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins inserted himself into the situation after promising Jidion he would “see what he could do.” Pokimane called out Ninja and shared various screenshots of conversations where Blevins said she was “making a big mistake” and that defamation lawsuits were being considered.

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Ninja stated “all will be explained” before a long period of radio silence on the topic. But since then, Pokimane and Jidion have put their differences aside and even teamed up for a vlog.

Jidion announces surprise collab with Pokimane after hate raid dramaTwitter: Jidion
Jidion surprised the internet by announcing an apparent truce with Pokimane, nearly a month after his hate raid copped him a permanent ban on Twitch.

Pokimane shades Ninja and Jessica Blevins

After Pokimane announced she would be staying on Twitch, she shared some more information on the Jidion/Ninja drama. She stated that she really enjoyed her time with Jidion and that she would be up for hanging out again.

She went on to state, “The funniest thing about all of this, is that [Jidion] was faster to apologize to me than Ninja and Jessica Blevins.” Pokimane thinks it’s unbelievable that Jidion was more willing to squash the beef than either of the Blevins.

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Pokimane also states that all Ninja had to do was apologize and everything would have been cool, but instead, they chose to threaten legal action. She also states that she sent them the VOD of Ninja’s action as well as her lawyer’s contact information.

While the incident between Pokimane and Ninja took place a little less than a month ago, Tyler and Jessica haven’t addressed it since. While they could be preparing a lawsuit, there’s no indication that the Blevins will sue or apologize.

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