Pokimane is staying on Twitch and she’s giving away a Tesla to celebrate

Pokimane staying on twitchTwitter: pokimanelol

Popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has revealed the highly-anticipated “next chapter” in her streaming career, just days after revealing that her Twitch contract ended. 

On January 31, Pokimane revealed on Twitter that her Twitch contract has officially ended with the Amazon-owned platform, and teased that she would announce her “next chapter” soon.

Her tweet quickly sparked rumors about a switch to YouTube Gaming, however, the content creator has been silent about her next move since announcing the end of her Twitch contract.

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On February 8, 2022, Pokimane revealed that she’s staying on Twitch — and she’s giving away a Tesla to commemorate the occasion.

Pokimane announces Twitch return

“About that platform announcement… Instead of choosing between a red or purple car, I’m GIVING ONE AWAY,” she announced in a tweet, wearing a purple sweater for good measure.

This announcement comes just weeks after Pokimane was forced to end her stream due to a “hate raid” from Jidion.

The drama quickly evolved into her having to deny allegations of on-stream drug use, receiving hateful comments and legal threats from Ninja and his wife, to an eventual in-person collaboration with Jidion himself.

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Fans react to Pokimane’s announcement

Shortly after Poki’s revealed her announcement, fans began flooding the replies with a combination of love and support for her staying on Twitch and others posting their reasons why they need a new car.

Fellow OfflineTV member Sydeon replied in support of Poki’s giveaway: “Leave it to Miss Pokimane to give away a Tesla. Like, hello??? Love it”

Twitch streamer ‘SweeetTails’ also showed her love for the announcement and giveaway as she said it “fills my heart so much.”

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Poki’s friend and fellow streamer AriaSaki noted that if she won the car, they’d be able to go on a drive together.

Others, however, used the empathy route to try to win the white Tesla.

Overall, fans have approved of Pokimane’s Twitch contract renewal and many cannot wait to continue their sub-streaks and use their channel points the next time she goes live.

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