Love Island’s Chloe Burrows admits she faked romance for a “lucrative future”

Molly Byrne
Chloe burrows and Harry johnson

Love Island’s Chloe Burrows admitted to faking her public relationship with Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Johnson in order to make more money. 

Runner-up from Season 7 of Love Island Chloe Burrows admitted to faking her romantic relationship with Harry Johnson from Season 3 of Too Hot To Handle, according to Daily Star.

The pair were first seen together in March of this year on multiple dates including a dog walk, a romantic dinner, and a daytime outing. Though they appeared to have deep chemistry in paparazzi photos, the two had never met prior to their first date.

Chloe was inspired to fake a romantic relationship after she caught wind of two other reality TV couples cashing in on paparazzi photos from their fake romances.

“Now I’ve heard how it all works and the big money involved, I want to put it to the test, it’s time to launch my own showmance,” she said in her Channel 4 documentary, Untold: Love in the Limelight.

harry Johnson and Chloe burrows
Chloe Burrows and Harry Johnson

Once Chloe started getting offers from the clothing brands she wore while being photographed by the paparazzi, she said she could “start to see the web of finances that can go behind a reality couple.”

She and Harry then met with celebrity agent Dave East, who helped them to maximize their financial earnings. Dave, who has worked with reality TV stars Joey Essex and Hannah Elizabeth, even told Chloe and Harry they could make a “lucrative future” if they continued their fake romance.

Though the stunt has been successful for Chloe and Harry, she told Capital that she was “so nervous” to put it into play. She also said she “wouldn’t change anything” about how she and Harry went about their public faux-mance.

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