Pokimane in disbelief after fan sends her very rude Christmas gift

Calum Patterson
Twitch: Pokimane

One of the top streamers on Twitch, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, was left speechless after receiving one particular present sent to her during a Christmas gift opening stream, and she was certainly not expecting it.

Around Christmas time, some livestreamers will do short broadcasts to show off gifts sent to them by fans and show their appreciation for their support.

Typically, there will be a mixture of playful or gimmicky presents among more serious and heartfelt ones. But, by the nature of having gifts wrapped, there’s always bound to be a surprise or two.

Instagram: @pokimane
Pokimane’s Christmas gift stream took a wild turn.

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However, Pokimane got more than she bargained for. Things started off well, with touching and artistic ideas from fans, and even some merch from esports organization Cloud9, before things took a silly turn.

One anonymous fan opted to send a rather crude gift, which, Pokimane explained, she had never been sent in over six years of streaming.

“I cannot believe, six years into streaming, and it happened,” she said, while visibly stunned. “Someone sent me a big, black, adult toy. With lube.”

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With her viewers spamming the chat in hysterics, Pokimane could only hold her head in her hands and laugh. She then joked that the gift could simply be passed on to her housemate and fellow streamer Fedmyster, who she’s yet to get a present for.

Thankfully, Anys had managed to work out the shape of the item before pulling it out of the box, as she worried that even showing it on stream could result in a warning from Twitch.

“I don’t even think I can show that on stream – I’m so glad I felt it and my brain made the connection, and I didn’t fully take it out. I’m pretty sure that’s against TOS [terms of service].

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Pokimane is likely correct to be concerned too, as Twitch’s community guidelines stipulate that, depending on context, most sexually suggestive content is not permitted.

It’s not the first odd gift she has received though, as one fan previously sent a full-size body pillow with Poki herself imprinted on it.

Thankfully, her other gifts were more suitable for her stream audience, with touching letters from fans and generous or thoughtful items.