Dr Disrespect sends inspirational message to his Twitch fans for 2020

Dr Disrespect / Twitter

Dr Disrespect fans have enjoyed one of the most entertaining years of his streaming career, with the Twitch star raising the bar in every single way, and now he’d like his fans to do the same in 2020. 

People will be welcoming the arrival of New Year with the usual celebrations on January 1, but the self-proclaimed best video gamer in the world wasn’t going to wait around for the big day to urge viewers to make some changes in their lives.

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The Doc decided to put his career as a Call of Duty level designer on the back-burner in 2015, going down a completely different route as a full-time streamer, and has since built up one of the most recognizable internet personalities around the world – with over 3.8 million followers on his Twitch channel alone.


Now, having made a huge change in his life to get to where he is today, the Two-Time Blockbuster Video Game champion wants his fans to consider making tweaks to get to a better place as well.

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Dr Disrespect has previously revealed that the career switch has seen him go from earning around $56,000 per year to “millions” and maybe those who watched his stream on December 25 will be inspired to do the same, after he delivered a passionate message.

“It’s time to make millions and all of you better be thinking the same thing this year coming up,” he said in a clip posted to Twitter. “It’s time to make some adjustments. If you’re not happy, that means you have to act on it. You don’t talk about it no more, there’s no more talking about it. It’s time to act.

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He added: “Heading into 2020, if you’re not happy – whether it’s your salary, people you work with, whether it’s the job and what that job entails and all this stuff – right, get out of there. It’s time to find happiness and it’s time to take over your life.”

The Twitch star will be hoping that many of his millions of fans around the world listen and change things for the better in the new year. There’s a good chance that it will, too, with a number of viewers reaching out to him in 2019 to thank him for inspiring them to strive for better. Maybe that could be you.

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